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Summer of Vegan Fun Times

This post is dedicated to Tasha Kaye, Philip Burston, and everyone who has ventured forth to get more involved in our vegan community. Thank you!

And let me tell you, the vegan community has got it GOING ON friends. Reals! And it is time I wrote a little list on how anyone and everyone can get involved.

David Agranoff book reading. Community board at Sidecar.

Talk it out.

These are the types of community gatherings and activities for folks into chatting, listening, and learning:

  • Join the Seattle Animal Rights book club: a newer group meeting every 4-6 weeks at Atonomia social club in the central district. Join the Facebook page to learn about which books they are reading now and join! If you are farther south, Tacoma also has as super rad Animal Rights book club.
  • Attend Vegan Meet Up Group outing: each month this group meets at a local Seattle restaurant or other outing. Recently they even went on an edible plant scouting adventure. Get more info on their Meet Up Page.
  • Subscribe to the Vegan Threat Podcast: this hour long podcast is threatening to make the world a nicer place! And they have ideas and inspiration for getting involved. Listen to episodes and subscribe at
  • Into eatin’ raw? Join the Raw Network of Washington meet-up group to discuss raw vegan diets, health issues, and share food! If you live up north, there is a raw Everett group and if you live in the Redmond/Bellevue/Kirkland area, join the Eastside raw group.

Highline all vegan bar. Melisser Elliot book signing.

Woop it up.
These folks know how to have a good time, whether that includes liquor or not.

  • Attend a monthly NARN Social Veg Happy Hour: each month this group meets at a local Seattle restaurant or bar to discuss a variety of vegan-related topics. It is open to vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores. Get more info on their Meet Up Page.
  • Meet up with the Seattle Veg Activity and Adventure Group: past activities have included art walks, seminars, potlucks, bowling, snow tubing, and more. Get more info on their Meet Up Page.
  • Go out for Seattle Vegan Drinks: all around the nation, vegans get together for a cocktail or two. Casual or political, all are invited. Become a fan of the Seattle chapter on Facebook to get the invites.
  • Volunteer with Live Stock Festival for the Animals: a new event is coming to town this fall and if you love music and want to help out, they need more volunteers. Check out the Facebook page for more info or fill out the volunteer application.
  • Hook up with the Seattle Veg Music Goers: any member can suggest an outing to a show and get others to come out and meet. Join the Meet Up group for more info.

Seattle Vegan Chili Cook-Off. “Why Vegan” outreach at PAWS walk.

Lend a hand.
These are the types of events to get you up out of your chair and away from your computer and lending a hand, a voice, or a back or what ever you have to share:

  • Volunteer at Sidecar for Pig’s Peace: Seattle’s only all vegan store is also run by volunteers! Shifts are 3-4 hours long once per week and include stocking the shelves, running the cash register, and meeting awesome people. Application can be found here.
  • Help at a Seattle ADL monthly work party at Precious Life, Chimp Sanctuary NW, or other local animal group in need of hard working hands. Become an ADL fan on Facebook to get updates on these outings.
  • Volunteer with NARN: doing vegan outreach at local festivals and markets. They are always looking for friendly faces to be ambassadors to folks who haven’t considered veganism (yet), vegan mentors, office help, etc. There are even volunteer things you can do from your computer.
  • Use your voice and your 1st Amendment right to speak out against corporations that make money from the abuse and exploitation of animals by joining in protests, demonstrations, letter writing campaigns, etc. The NARN calendar is a great starting place.

Sidecar All Vegan Store. Volunteering at Pig’s Peace.

Join in.
Become members of these great local vegan friendly organizations:

  • Action for Animals ($20) –> Sign-Up
  • Green Vegans ($30) –> Sign-Up
  • Northwest Animal Rights Network ($25) –> Sign-Up
  • Vegetarians of Washington ($22) –> Sign-Up

I am sure there are a TON of other groups, outings, and ways of getting involved in our vegan community. Please share what you know below and I’ll add it to the list! And of course, follow Vegan Score on Facebook and Twitter to find out about future vegan events like vegan cook-offs, book readings, vegan artist showings, cooking classes, fund raising events, and more.

Art opening at Flatcolor Gallery. I Love It Raw button at Sidecar.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Time to start building your community! I think it would be awesome to see a vegan fashion and clothing swap, a vegan kids play group, a vegan running group, a vegan small business network, a vegan hiking crew, a vegan artist collective, maybe even a vegan soup club. What do you say?

4 thoughts on “Summer of Vegan Fun Times

  1. You should! I meet vegan parents all the time. I would totally help you find parents and kids, or help invite people, or promote the group, etc.

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