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Vegan Ice Cream in Seattle

Summer is here!

To be prepared I’ve made a list of the places that I know of in Seattle where you can get vegan ice cream and updated it for summer 2012!

Bluebird Home Made Ice Cream and Tea Room
This non-corporate, community supported mega awesome shop is totally what a Seattle ice cream parlor should be. Their vegan options include horchata (rice milk and cinnamon), coconut-mint chip, coconut caramel, Mighty-O donut, and Thai tea. But every time I am there, they only have horchata – but that is OK because it is the best. They also have community events and support local farms and the DIY community. Plus they server beer! They are also open late on summer weekends.
{Capitol Hill: 1205 E Pike St. Suite 1A, Seattle}
{Phinney Ridge: 7400 Greenwood Ave. N, Seattle}
{Fremont: 3515 Fremont Ave. N}

 Citra Frozen Yogurt
As Juawana discovered in the Spring of 2013, Citra has soy-based frozen yogurt. Oh my gosh, y’all. This stuff is hella legit! It has the kinda sour taste of dairy-based frozen yogurt and it isn’t too sweet nor secretly soft-serve ice cream masquerading as yogurt (like others we’ve had). DANG! The woman working divulged the secret that the sour yogurty taste comes from lemons.
{U-District: 4730 University Way NE}
Full Tilt Ice Cream
By far one of the coolest companies in Seattle, and the ice cream parlor with the widest variety of vegan options, Full Tilt is the place to go if you are in the U-District, Columbia City, or south end. They always have at least 4 flavors of coconut milk based ice cream that are as unique as they are yummy. I love the Almond Joy (yes, coconut, almonds, and chocolate), but every flavor I’ve ever had has been delicious. No waffle cone tho – it isn’t vegan. They are open until 10 or 11 on Friday and Saturday nights. And they have pinball! Update: you can also get Full Tilt vegan flavors at St. Dames, The Rocky Mountain Choclate Factory in Pioneer Sq, Loving Hut, and sometimes at The Kraken bar in the U-District. Follow on Twitter @FTicecream. (See full post on this shop)
{White Center: 9629 16th Ave S. Seattle}
{Columbia City:5041 Rainier Avenue S, Seattle}
{U-District: 4759 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle}
{Ballard: 5453 Leary Ave NW, Seattle}

Known for their alternating vanilla or chocolate hemp soft serve with decadent healthy toppings, Healeo is a must for folks in south capitol hill. I recommend the chocolate with strawberry and coco nibs – get it in a bowl if you want toppings! But watch out, they are only open  until 8 pm. Follow on Twitter @healeo.
{Capitol Hill: 1520 15th Avenue, Seattle}

The Froyo Craze Finally Welcomes Vegans!Molly Moon’s
This place was on my original list for it’s vegan Theo Chocolate Coconut ice cream, but then then stopped carrying it for a while. Now a Vegan Cherry Chunk is listed on their menu, but recently they’ve had just Coconut Chunk (which I am sure is good too). And their location is are near lots of places to go for dinner, which is super handy.
{Capitol Hill: 917 E Pine St, Seattle}
{Wallingford: 1622 1/2 N 45th St. Seattle}
{Queen Anne321 W Galer St. Seattle}
{Madrona: 1408 34th Ave. Seattle}
Pizza Pi
Tho’ not handmade in shop, Pizza Pi offers a dazzling array of vegan ice cream based treats such as root beer floats, ice cream sundaes, and even vegan banana splits! Whipped vegan cream and cherry included! You don’t have to eat Pizza first, but it is a good idea.
{U-District: 5500 University Way NE, Seattle}

Jhanjay Vegetarian Thai Cuisine and Teapot Vegetarian House also offer a vegan ice cream for desert, but probably not really “to go” like the shops above. You can also get Full Tilt vegan flavors at St. Dames and Loving Hut. The other day I was at The Kracken bar on the Ave and they had vegan ice cream. You can also grab single pack vegan fudge bars and ice cream cones at Sidecar during the summer. and Seems to be popping up everywhere.

Where else? Did I miss some place? Something new? Share! Tell!

(I didn’t include sorbet on this list yet, since you can get it at almost all ice cream shops and lots of restaurants.)

19 thoughts on “Vegan Ice Cream in Seattle

  1. @Ryan. Ha! I was trying to be funny, but then I thought it sounded kind of snide so I removed it. But you are quick! @Justin. I don't know! Someone chime in if they do! I'll try the heck out of that.

  2. I was at Molly Moon's last week or so and no Theo Chocolate Kiss. 😦 They did have their always-2-vegan-sorbet-options, but both with flavors I avoid. Yeah, I think a sorbet list would be good. I've had Gelatiamo at a few locations around town, and it's great. (Even their mango flavor is amazing though I usually hate mangoes.)

  3. I've been to Hillside Quickie in the U-District three times over the last year and they have never had ice cream on hand. They always tell me they ran out and forgot to buy more. I haven't been in a few months, so maybe they put it back on stock.

  4. I went to Molly Moons last week looking for the Theo because I loved it last summer… They don't carry it right now I guess, when I asked when they were bringing it back they said they rarely make it because its a pain in the butt? Sorbet is boring. Also this year Healeo is hella stingy with the soft serve, depending on who serves you its a $4 child's cone. Blarg! Thank God I have an ice cream maker.

  5. Oh man, that is a bummer about Molly Moon. They have it on their online menu. I guess I'll remove it for now. It was so good! :(You have an ice cream maker? You should offer vegan ice cream party catering!

  6. Also about Molly Moons – we went today and were told both sorbets were vegan, but then the guy said "honey is okay right?" I said no honey is not vegan… And both sorbets had honey so nothing was vegan 😦

  7. Hands down Bluebird is the best with the horchata ice cream. If you're at home and have a craving I suggest Tempt Hemp Milk ice cream…the coconut lime is amazing and was on sale at PCC for only $3.

  8. FYI, while Molly Moon's says they always have vegan sorbets, their sorbets are actually often not vegan because they are made using honey. The coconut based options (like the coconut chocolate chip, which is good) is the only actual vegan flavor that I've come across. It's good to ask!

  9. I just got Full Tilt's vegan chocolate mint at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Pioneer Square the other day. They also have vegan choc covered graham crackers, oreos & pretzels!

  10. Yeahhhh, if you do not eat honey, be really careful at Molly Moon's. I don't think they get it.I have had them tell me that there is "absolutely no honey" in the vegan sorbet only to have them contradict themselves on the same flavor the next time. Sadly, I no longer go there as it's not worth it.

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