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Vegan Freedom for All

Don’t have big plans for the 4th yet? Are you staying within the Seattle city limits for our country’s fine birthday party? Then you might want to get yourself over to the annual Hillside Quickies Vegan BBQ on capitol hill.

For only $10 you will get all you can eat of amazing vegan BBQ in the style of Sage Organic Bakery & Cafe and Hillside Quickies cookin. We all fantasize about their food, so thinking of it prepared fresh at a BBQ for Independence Day is a food dream come true. Food dream come true.

I heard from a recent Vegan of the Week that this BBQ is really, really good – a ‘must-attend’ celebration so to speak. For the first time in many years I’ll be in town and am planning to go experience it first hand!

You can RSVP to or 206-325-6429. Then show up anytime after 2 pm and before 5 pm for the patriotic meal of a lifetime.

Get on your bikes and ride! Prove that you love America by eating food that doesn’t hurt her ecology, people, or animals!

Hillside Quickies Annual Vegan BBQ
July 4, 2011
2 pm – 5 pm
Sage Bakery & Cafe
325 15th Ave E.
Seattle, Washington

Thank you Sage for making this 4th of July one filled with kindness and magically good food.

4 thoughts on “Vegan Freedom for All

  1. Has anyone reading this been to this BBQ in past years? I'm wondering how such a small place accomodates all the people who show up.Is it standing-room-only?

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