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Portland Loves Seattle!

OK Seattle. You know how much we love Portland – the bridges, the vegan tattoo shops, Portland Animal Defense League, the ever evolving vegan food cart scene, the vegan “mini mall” – what isn’t to love. And Portland loves us too, really. In fact, the wondrously generous folks behind of the sold-out 2011 Vegan Iron Chef, want at least 4 Seattlites to attend for FREE.

That is right, this is probably the best contest I have ever done: I am giving away 2 sets of tickets to Portland’s 2011 Vegan Iron Chef event this weekend! This 2nd annual event has been sold out for more than a month, and guessing by the request for ticket sales on their Facebook page, people are going bonkers to get in to see Piper Dixon of Kitchen Dances, Morgan Grundstein-Helvey of Dovetail Bakery, and Jeff Ridabock of Homegrown Smoker compete for the coveted title of Vegan Iron Chef.

Been meeting to take a little train trip down to see your friends and lovers in PDX, this is a great excuse. The Vegan Iron Chef competition starts at 5:00 (doors at 4:30) Sunday, July 10 at Refuge PDX (116 SE Yamhill St.). There will be super interesting exhibitors (photos above), fun people, and best of all, you’ll be in Portland where you can eat vegan food until you explode.

The judges are none other than Grant Butler, Writer for The Oregonian’s FOODday, Aaron Adams, Head chef and owner of Portobello Vegan Trattoria, Julie Hasson, host of Everyday Dish TV, and John Janulis, Co-owner of The Bye & Bye! They know their vegan food. Reals.

How to enter: this is a completely subjective contest, but really easy to enter. Just leave a comment by 7/8 at midnight on: why Portland and Seattle should be Best Friends Forever. Or why and how our two cities complement each other. Or a dream you have of cross-city collaborations. Or just why Portland and Seattle are the two best vegan towns in the world. Yes, I said it, THE WORLD. Anything along these lines, and the best two answers win the 2 tickets each! (Make sure to include some way for me to get a hold of you).

Do it. Just do it by midnight Friday July 8, 2011. And I’ll see you there for sure!

7 thoughts on “Portland Loves Seattle!

  1. omg! i just moved to seattle and ive been searching for an excuse to get to portland!!!!! seattle and portland would be BFFs 4EVA because they both embrace and encourage the vegan lifestyle – we are lucky, its not like this everywhere 🙂 thanks for a great chance to win !

  2. Seattle will always be my home city. But while living in Portland I found that Portland was more like "me" – quirky, artsy and eclectic. Seattle and Portland definitely compliment each other. They are both vegan friendly, health conscious, have an AMAZING music scene and are both accessible within a half of days drive!Seattle + Portland = BFF !!!!!

  3. Portland and Seattle should be more than best friends. They should be bound by matrimony, because absolutely no other city is good enough for either one of them. They are like peas and carrots, tofu steak and potatoes, macaroni and Daiya, bread and Earth Balance, Veganaise and mustard. They are soul mates serving the likes of you and me plant-based delicacies in compostable take-out containers from graffitied trucks and on fine china in fancy restaurants. They are the two-city seat of the Vegan Empire and I bow to both in awe and gratitude.

  4. Reasons why Portland and Seattle are the most awesome vegan cities in the World – Portland:Portland ADL (seriously, they rock!)Red & Black Cafe (my first stop whenever I get in to PDX)the Bakeries!!soft serve @ Back to Eden anyone?food carts, nuf saidThe Max, what better way to get around to all your fav vegan places than mass transitHerbivore (Help me Obi-Wan-Kale you're my only hope)The fact that even if a place isn't vegan more than likey one of the staffers is and can give you an opinion on the best thing on the menuSeattle:Wayward Cafe (not only do they have amazing super yummy food they also host vegan events)my wonderful vegan friendsHeidi from Lucky Devil Tattoo, vegan tattooist who uses all vegan ink, and does an amazing job of itCaryl & Ralph Turner from Precious Life, free the lobsters!!Mighty-O donuts, mmm…mmm…GREAT!!!!I love Seattle, but if ever I needed to move to Portland I would go!! is my email

  5. It is so silly Portland and Seattle have a rivalry. I've always thought of it as us vs. San Francisco and L.A., or more accurately, us vs. the country. It all starts with our forests, mountains, rivers, and, of course, the beautiful Pacific coast. Let's talk about product too, hops, apples, wine, and berries. We like to take in our outdoors with our eyes and mouths. Having all of this at our finger tips makes us the most environmentally conscious region in the country. We care about our impact and the way we care is action in our daily lives. I honestly think our rainy season makes us forced artisans and techies. We may love to hike and kayak, but we have no qualms sitting down with a good book for hours, getting crafty, or cooking. Combine our zest for life, our love for nature, and our downright craftiness together and it makes Seattle and Portland the perfect home for a vegetarian/vegan chef or foodie. Both cities should be proud of the community they have built for their vegan customers.

  6. After much deliberation by me, and some corroboration by KC Johnson, the winners are: Red and Jennifer Cione-Kroeschel! Congratulations. If for some reason you can not accept this prize, please email me at Red, I'll need your real name for the door.

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