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Loretta’s Housemade Vegan Pub Grub

Hi friends. It’s the South Side Vegan here with a little score from South Park!

Let me break it down to you like this: You’re vegan, you’re hungry and you find yourself stuck in South Park because your GPS told you to take the 16th ave bridge and the jokes on you because that shit is GONE! Not just closed temporarily, it is completely and totally class-discriminatingly-would-never-happen-in-Queen-Anne-GONE. But I digress. You could also be vegan, hungry, and in South Park because it’s AWESOME. At any rate you might not know about a nifty little gem known as Loretta’s Northwesterner.

This place is seriously like your dad’s old cabin in the woods, complete with old wood fixtures, a record player, and a crazy-ass airstream trailer that you can hang out in on the back patio.

The food is your typical pub grub with one delightful vegan option: a housemade vegan patty with fixins including vegenaise and fries! The bun is vegan, I checked. The patty is not really burger-like. It’s kind of a grain based concoction. Perhaps made of quinoa?

Scott, the owner of Lorettas, is pretty vegan-friendly. He owns 9lb hammer in Georgetown too and whenever he has a veg option it’s pretty much always vegan. (btw, the veg tamales at 9lb are vegan too!!)

Loretta’s is a bar. So, no kiddies allowed. I don’t drink but if I did, I would belly up to Loretta’s creeky old bar and order a Manny’s on tap from the cute girl with glasses and knappy quasi-dreads and laugh the night away. (Manny’s beer from Georgetown Brewing Co. is in fact vegan, despite what you may have heard. I asked Manny himself. So there.)

Loretta’s Northwesterner
8617 14th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98108

(206) 327-9649

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