Vegan Food

Goodbye Hunger. Hello Healeo.

Heck yes. One of my favorite spots on Capitol Hill just got a lot better for breakfast and beyond! Justin and other friends up at HEALEO now have an oven and are making and baking up some amazing vegan goodness for us all.

The new vegan (and gluten-free) pizza is one of the richest I’ve known, and the sunflower “cheese” is the mega bomb goodness. It sounds boring and healthy. But trust me. Have I ever steered you wrong (or too wrong?). They are also baking up house made berry muffins.

If you are hungry for a hearty but appropriately sized breakfast, the new breakfast panini super duper yum times. The tofu innards are like a quiche, but way tastier, and the bread is flaky and warm. Their breakfast is so good, even their granola bowl is the best in the city – you get to choose from so many toppings and it is HUGE (un-finishable by most).

They are also now serving a raw lasagna and are trying a new salad bar. You’ve heard me fantasizing of having a salad bar on every corner, (I know, how “vegan” of me), but now there is at least one! So I guess I’ll see you on the corner of 15th and Madison for mad vegan grub and free wifi. Oh, did I mention they have some truly scrumptious juices too?

1520 15th Ave
Seattle, WA

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