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Bumbershoot Brings the Vegan

Hip-Hop! Black Metal! Indie Dance Punk! Hardcore! Momentous occasion! Our world-famous, 3-day music and art festival is getting it’s vegan on this year. And I’m kind of losing my mind over this!

Bumbershoot 2011 producers are giving vegans and music lovers a reason to learn about and from each other with a music scene vegan panel, “Veganism: From Black Metal to Hip-Hop and Everything in Between” moderated by one of my favorite people on the planet, Greg Bennick.

Mr. Manowitz. Mr. Tillman.

Part of the Words & Ideas series, the Veganism panel will feature: Vegan Black Metal Chef (WHAT?!?! YES!), Kevin Tillman (founder of the Vegan Hip-Hop Movement blog), The Redwood Plan bassist Larry Brady, and be moderated by Greg Bennick (activist, film producer, and singer of sXe hardcore band Trial and Between Earth & Sky). All this, and they’ll be chatting about veganism within music communities. I feel a little faint.

Seriously, I would give my left arm to hang out with these four people under any circumstances, but now I don’t have to! And neither do you! And we get to chat about music and veganism. Pinch me, I am clearly dreaming. Want to know more about these gentle men?

Mr. Brady. Mr. Bennick.

Kevin Tillman is the founder of the Vegan Hip-Hop Movement blog. He’s been practicing holistic activism for nearly 10 years. His focus is to achieve decolonization, confronting all forms of oppression, which include and are not limited to abelism, sexism, racism, anthropocentrism, queer-phobia, and classism. Kevin is the founder of the Vegan Hip Hop Movement blog, which was created to promote veganism through hip hop and build a bridge between your “average” vegan and other social justice movements inherent in the hip hop culture.

Vegan Black Metal Chef, Brian Manowitz, combines his passions for vegan cooking, making metal music, and spirituality to create an awesomely unlikely combination that is informative, hilarious, and enlightening. As a vegan for 11 years, a musician for 9 years, and a mystic for 14 years, his quest to make amazing food and music has culminated into a modern sensation. His website and a a series of YouTube videos seek to answer the question, “What do vegans eat?” set to a self-made soundtrack of Black Metal music with a dash of comedy thrown in. The website also seeks to introduce people to bringing consciousness to their lives and all of their actions.

As a roadie, DIY musician, sound engineer, and booker in the 90s, through playing bass for Seattle dance punk standouts/Bumbershoot 2010 alumni The Redwood Plan, Larry Brady has just about seen it all in his decades in the music industry. After years of being a vegetarian and a lifetime of not squishing spiders, he made the jump into veganism five years ago. Several Midwest tours later, Larry has become something of an expert on how to eat ethically even while in a tour van in the middle of Kansas.

Greg Bennick is a keynote speaker, humanitarian activist, and award-winning film producer & writer. He has been vegan for over twenty years. He spends his time singing for hardcore bands, helping the people of Haiti with his charity One Hundred For Haiti, and speaking nationwide. He thinks eating animals is weird, and is honored to be moderating this panel. Greg’s been a friend of mine for more than 15 years, and once you meet him, you’ll likely consider him a friend too.

So this incredible vegan music conversation in happening on Monday. If you need another excuse to shell out the $35 for a day ticket, or you aren’t sure which day to attend, let me just give you 7 other reasons to show up on Monday:

12:00 – The Horde and the Harem

1:30 – Quadron

5:00 – MASH HALL

6:30 – Laff Hole

7:00 – Writing Battlestar Galactica

7:45 – Doug Benson movie chat

9:15 – Hall & Oates

Plus, your 3-day weekend will seem much longer if you do something rad when you would normally be at work. Also, if you can muster, bring a bunch of other people too, vegans and veg-interested, or even veg-opposed. All ideas and opinions are welcomed.

Veganism: From Black Metal to Hip-Hop and Everything in Between

September 5, 2011

3:30 PM

Words & Idea Stage (Leo K Theater) See Map


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6 thoughts on “Bumbershoot Brings the Vegan

  1. That is a great question! I haven't even looked. I'll do that now and update the post if I know of any of the paces offering vegan food. Also, near the Seattle Center is one of our most famous vegan restaurants: Bamboo Garden.

  2. So I did a little snooping yesterday and this is what I found:Yes: – Bahn Thai – vegan Pad Thai (they even yelled, happily, "VEGAN" when I asked if the Pad Thai had egg or fish sauce. Was really cute. – Island Noodles – Asian veggie stir fry – St. Demetrio’s Field Roast gyros – HOLD the feta and garlic sauce (which is made with yogurt) – Corn Roasters – Roasted corn (HOLD the butter) – nothing is put on the corn. It is just corn as long you say no butter – Mighty O – Donuts (yay!)Maybe: – Ballard Brothers – Veggie Black Bean Burger (not likely vegan, but haven't confirmed) – BambuzLa Jitana – falafel (ask about garlic sauce, I haven't had a chance to yet) – Vietnam Bistro – veggie noodles (yum) – Berryhills – fries, falafel – Pico De Gallo – garlic fries (may be fried in the same oil as fish, check first if this bothers you) – Thai Heaven – veggie Thai pad thai – Ziegler’s – curly fries – Chutney's – massala is very likely vegan, but I haven't asked about the clarified butter thing yet

  3. Athena's Gyros have Field Roast, they have 2 grills, one for the meat and one for the onions and pitas, so they can cook your Field Roast Separate, one of the guys there is vegetarian too, if you are patient they are glad to re-clean the grill for you even! (there booth is next to the Mighty-o Donut Booth) …Also BIGCITY BURRITO is an all VEGETARIAN BOOTH.. simple ask them to change their gloves and no cheese and sour cream and they are also happy to give you more of some of the other ingredients since you are getting yours without dairy.. i got Extra Rice, Beans, Onions, Extra BlackOlives, Salsa, and Peppers. It was 8$ but it was HUGE! If you are feeling daring.. there is a FISH TACO Booth (eeeek) on the way to the science center entrance they have Garlic Fries and it has its own deep fryer just for the fries! The Ben and Jerrys Booth has 1 vegan option, its the MANGO SORBET.. just double check which scoop they are using, this is the one after thought i had after i walked away from them… The Seattle Fudge Old School PopCorn Stand's POPCORN is vegan.. its popped with oil and lightly seasoned… they don't even have butter as an option! Healthy Popcorn for ALL ! I was clearly at bumbershoot with my Omnivorous Mother, so anytime she was at a booth i was asking questions! SO NO I DID NOT EAT AT EVERY BOOTH :)Im going back today.. so anything i find i am live tweeting from the festival so follow me on twitter or search hashtag #vegan & #bumbershoot i should pop up 🙂

  4. I agree – thank you for your part in bringing the vegan panel to Bumbershoot! Really enjoyed it. From what I can tell, the green cossack at kaleenka's might have been vegan too. The sauce was a "dill vegetable sauce" and the recipe I got off the internet looked vegan. Any thoughts? (I'm going back next year and would like to know….)

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