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Vegan BBQ to End Poaching

Another casual, cool, and worthwhile event for you to check out this weekend: Vegan BBQ this Saturday at Green Lake. All proceeds will go to African Wildlife Foundation to help end poaching. (What, you thought vegans only cared about farm animals? Pshaw). And of course, absolutely EVERYONE is welcome.

Where: Greenlake (in the field next to the Community Center basketball courts)

When: Saturday August 20, 2011

Time: 1:00-4:00 pm

What: Eat vegan hotdogs and sausages

Donate: Suggested $5-10

Why: meet nice folks, help a critical cause

RSVP: here (so they know how much food to bring.)

Tip: Bring your own plate and utensils. This is a no/low-garbage event!

Poaching horrors continue as other methods of income become scarce due to famine, war, and desertification. The Black Rhino, Leopard, African Elephant, and Mountain Gorilla need continual protection while education and other long-term projects progress. The African Wildlife Foundation works to end poaching, protect land, and empower the people to continue social and economic reform that get to the root of poaching.

A black rhino and her calf. Photo by Art Wolfe

This is a family-friendly BBQ party and you can drag along anyone and everyone who cares about stopping the terrible slaughter and maiming of wild creatures for profit. Bring anyone who likes hotdogs and a BBQ. You could just stop by and drop your change off with Kitty Jones, the amazing young adult who is organizing this fundraiser.

Once again our town steps up to the plate to bring folks together while helping an incredible organization face difficult odds half way around the world. I love you Seattle. See you there!

Reminder: bring your own plate, utensils, cups, etc. Hot Dogs and other BBQ stuff will be provided.

One thought on “Vegan BBQ to End Poaching

  1. thank you so much for posting this, looks like it's going to be a huge success. i really hope it inspired people to get active, or to continue be the amazing activists they are. the animals need us and we're making such a phenominal difference in this world.

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