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Comedy Improv for Animals

Just when you think Seattle couldn’t bring anymore goodness into the world, enter stage left, Closet Monsters Improv.

Saturday, August 20, this lil’ improv troupe will bring us LAUGH TO SAVE ANIMALS, a performance to raise awareness about animal cruelty. Ashley Almon, Cory Blankenship, Cody Bernius, and Kevin Dailey will entertain for over an hour AND there will be vegan treats for sale with proceeds going to the African Wildlife Association. Spend the day at a vegan BBQ, go home and clean up (maybe nap?), then spend the night laughing your arse off – all for the good of our animals friends in Africa.

LAUGH TO SAVE ANIMALS starts at 10:30 this Saturday, August 20th at the Odd Duck Studio (run by Rik Deskin). If you haven’t been to Odd Duck for a show yet, you have been missing out. This sweet cozy theater offers vegan concessions, including vegan beer and wine. It is just the right size for local plays and other performances, and close to lots of great dinner joints.

I’ll be rushing from a show at Studio 7 (where my little brother is playing – yay!) but will see you there. Comedy Improv + Good Animals Cause + Vegan Treats = best idea ever. Thank you Ashely for putting this together!


Facebook RSVP

Saturday, August 20, 2011

10: 30 PM

Bring: $10

Odd Duck Studio

1214 10th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122


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