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Freak Beat Revolution: DJ Pelvis in the House

OK you party vegans, some of you may not know that Highline Bar has the best DJ nights in town. They do! The newest addition to the line up is DJ Pelvis, who will get your booty shakin’ and your mind bending every LAST Sunday of the month with FREAK OUT. And yes! This means this Sunday, Sept. 25! The fun starts at 9 pm and there is no cover.

Now, I am not a church going girl, but the rare garage-punk, mod, psyche, 60s beat, funk and fuzz that DJ pelvis spins is a religious experience. His vinyl collection is like nothing I’ve ever heard. If you were brave enough to attend the Vegan Chili Cook-Off this past spring, the you have already benefited from his smooth transitions and ability to read a room. Also, DJ Pelvis is no wimpy homebody vegan — he is a get-out-there-and-do-stuff, card carrying board member of the Northwest Animal Rights Network, stand up and speak out for the voiceless — type of vegan.

So don’t stay home and pout about summer being over. It happens every year. Move on. Get out and support your mega rad vegan business, artists, and entertainers. Bring your friends and start a dance party. No regrets.

Here is some of the stuff you might hear: garage/psyche/freakbeat of The Standells, The Status Quo, The Balloon Farm, The Litter, The Blue Rondos, The Knickerbockers, and local favorites like The Sonics and the Wailers, to mod/Northern Soul like Small Faces, Amen Corner, Timebox, to funk like Wee Willie Walker, Allen Toussaint, The Presidents, to girl groups like The Orchids, The Tomboys, The Pussycats, to beat music from all corners of the globe like Iran, Turkey, Peru, Japan, Nigeria, and Thailand, to electric sitar headswirlers, teenbeat freakouts, and pre-punk amped-up angst. WOOOOO.

PS: Oh yeah, your eyes don’t deceive you – that is a copy of the 1987 Animal Liberation vinyl release that the foreground of that photo. Yep.

Other ideas:

See you there!

2 thoughts on “Freak Beat Revolution: DJ Pelvis in the House

  1. Well, I hate to report, but the Highline is revamping its schedule; there will no longer be DJ nights on Sundays, so my night (as well as others) will be no more. But who knows what the future holds. I'll keep you posted in case another opportunity arises!

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