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Let’s go on a hunt! For Animals!

On a scavenger hunt, of course! Grab your favorite friend, cousin, or crush and get your fun-lovin feet to the Seattle Center on Saturday October 1, 2011 for the 2nd annual Seattle Scavenger Hunt for Animal Rights.

Last year’s event raised some bucks for the legal defense of the SHAC7 and was done all on bicycle – this year, you can just use your legs and a camera to get in the game. The cost is only $10/person ($20/team) and there will be some RADICAL prizes to win – plus your money will be going to support Seattle Animal Defense League (ADL) campaigns.

Seattle Animal Defense League is a local animal rights group that works to end cruelty towards nonhuman animals by advocating a vegan diet and engaging in campaigns to alleviate their suffering – particularly around ending animal experimentation, vivisection, and the fur industry. They do what they can to raise their voices and speak for those who can’t speak for themselves, which I appreciate a lot.

If you are one of those people who are always like, “I don’t know very many other vegans” or “I’d like to get more involved” or “I like to have fun” then this event is practically designed with you in mind. Other than for medical reasons, I can’t really see how you could not attend. Right?

Glad we are in agreement. See you there!

Scavenger Hunt for Animal Rights
October 1, 2011
3pm – 6 pm
Meet at: base of the Space Needle
2 People Per Team – don’t forget your camera!
Facebook RSVP (or to find a team mate)
More info:

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