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Pursuit of a Green Plantet Starts Now

Hip-hop is radical. Veganism is radical. Indie movie making is radical. Check. Check. Check. Seattle is pushing the envelope of artistic, educational, and moral progress with a new documentary film in the works by local hip-hip radio host, Keith Tucker. Go Seattle!

Imagine the honest and transforming conversations of “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” blended with the all out hard-hitting and culturally relevant message of “Hip-hop Beyond Beats and Rhymes” and you’ve got a glimpse of Mr. Tucker’s vision for this documentary, Pursuit of a Green Planet (POAGP). Tommy Edison said, “Discontent is the first necessity of progress,” and Keith is not content with the state of health and environmental awareness in hip-hop culture. And we shouldn’t be either.

Keith has assembled a forward-thinking and industry-renowned team of documentary film makers and will be making this flick grass-roots style. And POAGP isn’t just a movie – it is part of a larger effort to bring awareness of veganism, nutrition, and environmentalism to youth, an effort that includes Green Dinners hosted around the country, an effort that integrates road shows, tweet-ups, radio shows, broadcasts of potlucks and dinners.

The Pursuit of a Green Planet movie will include interviews with hip-hop vegan, vegetarian, environmental, and health insiders – providing role models and an example of how things can be within the hip-hop community. Think Dead Prez, Erykah Badu, Common, Saul Williams, Andre 3000, Willie Austin, and more. Tucker’s goal is to blend entertainment and education to reach his much deserving audience. And he’ll be speaking from the heart and personal experience as he transitions to a vegan diet.

Here is where the rubber meets the road: it is time for all of us to get involved. First we must help fund this important documentary, then we must spread the word to anyone who cares enough to get this message out there. The Pursuit of a Green Planet team is making it fun and easy. All you have to do is host a vegan potluck or dinner party. Invite your vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore friends and talk about the topics brought up by the making of this documentary. If you can do it on Saturday Nov 5, there will be a corresponding live Tweet-Up, so you can tweet and post photos from your event, talk to Keith Tucker via twitter, and connect with others having a vegan potluck all around the country (using #HipHopisGreen). But if you can’t do it Nov 5, don’t let that stop you. Invite people over. Show them Keith’s video. Talk about how and why the hip-hop community deserves to hear Keith’s message of health and connection with food.

OK. Here is how to do it:


  • Connect with Pursuit of a Green Planet at Please tag @HipHopisGreen in your Tweets or use the #HipHopisGreen Hashtag.
  • Please Share this Tweet with your followers from now until then: Let’s Make a Movement! Worldwide Vegan Potluck Tweetup Nov. 5 #vegan #HipHopisGreen
  • Hip Hop Goes Green in New Film Project. Show Your Support: #indiegogo #vegan #health #film #hiphopisgreen


Or just have a party and go to to check things out. RSVP and get more links on the Tweet Up Event Page. Chat about the connection between taking care of our planet, staying healthy, and how we treat living creatures in this world. Compassion, health, and environmental progress can be part of all cultures.

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