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ChuMihn Deli in your Belly!

I’ve been meaning to write about ChuMihn for months. Ever since it opened and my friend Derrick Hachey went there every day for two weeks (no joke). Sorry if I deprived any Seattleites of this amazing traditional Asian vegetarian fare!

Photos by Michelle of Addicted to Cookbooks

If you are not a regular diner in the CD or the neighborhood around 12th and Jackson, ChuMihn Tofu Veggie Deli may be a bit intimidating at first. It is a legit neighborhood deli and you won’t find all that much English rolling. ChuMihn Tofo has been making tofu, soy milk, and veggie meats for other restaurants and deli’s and now just this past fall, finally opened their own store front.

You can get just about any traditional Vietnamese Buddhist cuisine* – from vegan ginger fish, to curry, to amazing spicy soups, and even fake lobster – ready to eat. You’ll find tofu more ways than you knew existed, plus thick house-made soy milk perfect for making rich cream sauces at home. You can also get pho, bahn mi, sesame balls, and more! The best thing I brought home from my first trip was the spicy sauce they sell in a beverage cup for $5 (top right photo on right). I also bought soup and huge containers of mixed items for only $5 each. Everything I tried was amazing.

Photos by Michelle of Addicted to Cookbooks

Nothing was priced and they only take cash, so come prepared to chat. The owner, Thanh Nga Nyugen is extremely welcoming and will let you try anything you are unsure of – plus she’ll demand that you come back soon and tell your friends. Let me say this, if you love ginger, don’t leave without the “fish.” Take it home throw it in a pan for a few minutes each side, and mange. Because everything is house made and not bought processed, it is easy to confirm what you are buying is vegan by just asking! But for sure ask. There is a little table if you need to eat in the deli, but it is mostly designed for take-out.

What are you waiting for? Let 2012 be the year of adventurous Vietnamese vegan eating!

ChuMinh Tofu Veggie Deli
1043 South Jackson (SW corner of 12th and Jackson) Seattle, WA 98104
Hours: 8 am to 8 pm most days
Bus # 7, 9, 14, 265, 60, 309, 36, 984

A huge shout out to the talented and generous Michelle over at Addicted to Cookbooks who took these photos and was willing to share. Both times I’ve been to ChuMinh, I left my camera at home. Ooops! Michelle’s blog is awesome.

*Buddhist cooking has one of the longest histories of vegetarian and meat analog cooking and Buddhist monk recipes for “fake” meat go back hundreds of years. It may seem newfangled, here, but they are masters of seitan, tofu, tempeh, agar (seaweed), and more.

3 thoughts on “ChuMihn Deli in your Belly!

  1. So happy you wrote about this place! I meant to post more photos that I had taken lately on my blog (including a vegan version of roasted pork/lechon, which was eerily like the real thing). It was delicious, and best of all, cruelty-free. They also put together a huge loaded tray of noodles for me for a Christmas party-potluck. It was devoured by all. So yes, think about this deli if you need a last-minute potluck item! I didn't even call ahead, but do give them a little time to make it for you. While you wait, you can eat/drink at the deli, or go next door to Hop Thanh Supermarket to peruse the aisles. They have many vegan items there, including a 6-ounce box of Agar Agar Powder for $1.79! Thanks again for the blog mention, too. I'll be headed to ChuMinh today for my next dose of good stuff.

  2. Darn – never mind about the Agar Agar Powder @ Hop Thanh Supermarket. I checked the box out again when I went out there today, and it's mixed with sugar…so unless your recipe calls for sugar, you wouldn't want to use this. If it does call for sugar, you will need to adjust accordingly.

  3. You weren't kidding when you said the containers were huge! I tried to get her to stop filling them but she kept adding more. We'll be visiting ChuMihn again next time we're in the ID.

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