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Vegan Cooking Maven Sara Beth

Much of Seattle still has yet to discover the vegan wonder that is Sara Beth. She cooks. She teaches. She caters. She bakes. She even consults. Not to mention she creates vegan donut recipes that win 1st place, even against some of the nation’s best bakers, even at high altitudes (harder than you think)*. She has started her own vegan cooking company and now her skills can be yours. Check out all she offers:

Public Vegan Cooking Classes: Some of you may know her from her series of sold-out classes at Wholefoods at Roosevelt Square. If you haven’t taken one yet, don’t worry, she has something special planned for this month. Sat. Jan 21 and Tues. Jan 24 she will be doing entirely raw dessert classes, focused on simple recipes that don’t require a ton of special equipment. Sign up by calling Wholefoods. More info.

Photo (c) Rebecca Bolte

Private Seattle Cooking Classes: You can get private in-home vegan cooking classes for you, your family, or for a fun party. Sara can design a class around your interests. All pies all the time? Raw banana split party? Healthy vegan cooking? Comfort food? 1-time class, or a series of 6 as you transition to a vegan diet. She can also teach about raw prep. What ever your interest, Sara’s private classes are very cool and VERY affordable. If you sign up in the month of the January, she is offering 25% off!

In-house and Small Catering: This is my favorite thing that Sara offers our town: in-house dinner party catering that won’t break the bank. I like to entertain, but I am not a stellar cook, so this is right up my alley. If you call a local catering house to host a dinner party for you and 6 of your friends, they’ll tell you they can’t do it for under $70/person. Sara will help you save money and design a vegan party that you’ve always wanted. Spend time with your guests instead of over a hot messy stove. I’d use this service if I was having people from work over – I want them to know how great vegan food can be. And just like her private classes, Sara is offering 25% off in January (2012)!

Team Building: Your work looking for something fun, healthy, and educational for your team building outings in Seattle? How about a private cooking lesson with Sara at the Wholefoods in Roosevelt? You can have 12-15 people at only $25/person for 3 recipes. She’ll let you pick any style or focus and you get to taste and sample everything that is made. Contact Sara with ideas or questions.

*Food Network Donut Challenge: they make Sara seem tough, but she is really a sweetie.

Cook Book : If that wasn’t enough, Sara is working on her first cookbook. Recipes are done, tested, and ready for print. Just a few more photographs and this little local vegan chef’s recipes can be yours. Keep your eyes peeled as I am sure we’ll have some celebrating to do when it finally is on the shelf at our local book stores.

Restaurant Consulting: Sara will soon be offering restaurant consulting to help popular places offer easy vegan, gluten-free, and other related items on their general menus, without changing too much of their back end processes. She’ll help kitchen managers and head chefs work with the space, money, and time that they have, but still offer options that will temp everyone’s palette. News on that soon.

Follow Sara Beth on Facebook to stay up to date on classes, offers, and amazing recipes. If you prefer twitter, follow Sara Beth at @sarabethxvx. Or just add your email to her email list so you can get her 2x mo. update on classes. What ever way, now you have a resource for your vegan catering, learning, and in-home dinner parties! Weee!

3 thoughts on “Vegan Cooking Maven Sara Beth

  1. I hired Sara to cater a business lunch recently, for a group of omnivores. She did such a great job!! She really impressed everyone. Someone even commented "there's no way those cookies are vegan." To which I replied "Psh! everything you just ate was vegan." He was actually quite pleasantly surprised. I would recommend her to anyone!!

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