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Vegan Wieners at Our Seattle Ball Park

Oh yes, the Old Ball Game. Vegan Seattle Mariners fans rejoice! Your summer can now be filled with big ball parks, bright grass, and (actually edible) vegan food!

Since the new field opened, it has always had a “health” food stand call “The Natural” (har har) hidden behind some other food counters on the main concourse (near section 133). You can get gluten free goodies, a veggie dog, juice and the like there. But everyone who wanted really good food had to buy Field Roast sausage hot dogs from the street vendors outside or hope to be satisfied with peanuts and fries during those 4+ hour games.

 Now Safeco field has partnered with Field Roast, our locally made vegan grain “meat” company, to offer up not just plain ol’ vegan wieners (they have those too), but vegan burgers and a rotation of special vegan hot dogs at “The All American Vegetarian“. There at two locations, one connected to The Natural and one on the 3rd level near section 329.

 The Field Roast Frankfurter specials will include: The Seattle Chili Cheez Dog, The Bombay (curried chana dal , chutney, coconut sauce and fried curry leaves!), and The Ichiban.

During my recent trip I was happy they were serving the Ichiban special. It’s #1! A hotdog homage to our players hailing from Japan, it is covered in sweet grilled onions, carrots, daikon radish, nori, and drizzled with a little vegan mayo. I am huge fan of sweet Asian pickled things and seaweed, so I knew it would be just the kind of crazy combination that I’d adore. And I was right. Yum! But I can’t wait to try the chili cheez dog too.

Oh, and of course I am dying to try the vegan burger. I really haven’t found a standard vegan burger in our town that I actually like. They are either dried up Boca Patty’s or mushy bean patties. I heard from someone I trust (Dawn over at that the burger texture is really good. I can’t wait!

So sports fans: Next time you are hankering for some of America’s past time, I hope you find your way to the All American Vegetarian at Safeco for a creative or a familiar vegan hot dog. Tell me what you think. Oh, and if you want CentryLink Field to upgrade their abysmal cruelty-free food selection, just drop them a line.

6 thoughts on “Vegan Wieners at Our Seattle Ball Park

  1. If you want a good vegan burger (assuming you haven't tried it) Try "The Enterprise" over at Georgetown Liquor Company. I drive from Edmonds for one periodically. Also, very very happy to hear we can get actual food at the ballpark!! Great post!

  2. I tried the chili cheez dog at the Friday night game – it was incredible! I can't stop thinking about it and would even consider going back to another dreadful game just for another one of those!

  3. I wish I knew which specialty dog was going to be available which night. I want to go back on a chili cheez dog night for sure! Games have become much more enjoyable adventures for me too, win or lose. 🙂

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