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Strong and Healthy is the New Skinny – Vegan Fitness Course

New to veganism? Looking for a great way to treat your body right? Just want a better way to build a healthy fitness habit? What ever your state, Sara Beth’s new 6-week Summer Health and Fitness Course is calling your name. It’s like a gym class and cooking class rolled up into a Green Lake adventure course with other vegan-leanin’ folks. What’s not to love?

Meet 1-1 with Sara to help tailor the six weeks to your goals, get active every week with the group, and try new healthy vegan recipes each night at home.There are also optional meet-ups mid-week to keep your healthy habits building. Think how great it would feel to have a stronger heart, lunges, and muscles all while cooking up creative vegan meals in your kitchen. You love yourself and deserve to do cool things, right?

And don’t worry, Sara isn’t into making people stick thin. Her motto is: “Strong and healthy is the new skinny.” She writes the Lean, Mean, Vegan Machine blog, roller skates, and teaches vegan cooking courses at Whole Foods. She is kind of bad ass. 

But here is the best part about her course: It is only $130! And if you sign up with a friend, you both get $10 off. Most of us probably spent more than that eating out last month – maybe make a trade in your budget for just six weeks? I think going with a friend sounds like a blast – but Sara Beth is easy going, genuine, and supportive, so I’m sure you’ll be fast friends with her too. 

You have two course choices: first starts June 18, 2012 and the second starts July 23. 2012. Register here!

Have fun!

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