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Blazing Bagels: A Friend to Us Vegans

The Seattle area is very bagel-friendly. Our town is also vegan-friendly. Turns out that local Blazing Bagels is making sure they have some cruelty-free fare for us folks trying to eat while not hurting animals. Seattle and on the Eastside.  Friendly indeed!

Lots of places* have vegan schmear, so no surprise that Blazing has a vegan option. I think they used to use Tofutti, but have recently switched to something else that tastes much more healthy – if you know what I mean. It may be even house-made. I’ll ask next time I am in there. (I’m addicted to their dark rye bagel and have been partaking every Wednesday morning, so it won’t be long).

Blazing Bagel Owner Holding Bagle
[thanks to Institute for Justice Washington Chapter for this photo of  owner Dennis]

Blazing Bagels also has vegan margarine for those of you crazy enough to prefer that over a vegan cream cheese analog (nuts!).  And of course they have the (ever pervasive) hummus for sandwiches.

But that’s not all: they now offer VEGAN HOT DOGS for their famous bagel dogs. They recently also added an all-vegan sandwich called the Jenny Jampolsky that has a vegan burger patty, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, oil, vinegar, and their tofu vegan cream cheese.

Did I mention that they have really good pickles too. Go get some: 

  • Redmond: 6975 176th Ave. NE Suite 365
  • Bellevue: 555 108th Ave NE Suite C
  • Seattle: SAFECO Field: 1250 1st Ave S F04A (go before a M’s game)

If you work in either Seattle or downtown Bellevue they are a very solid option for catering lunch or breakfast for meetings. Seriously. Everyone will be happy. Thanks Blazing Bagels for making a boring breakfast food more interesting, more delicious, and more vegan friendly than ever.

* OK, maybe “lots” is an over statement. You can get vegan schmear at Madison Market (where they serve my favorite kettle-boiled Seattle Bagel Bakery), Porchlight Cafe and Records (best cafe in Seattle), Noah’s Bagels (yes, there are still a few in Seattle), and I am sure a few other places. 

5 thoughts on “Blazing Bagels: A Friend to Us Vegans

  1. Fresh Flours in Ballard has Tofutti and they assured me the one time I went there that their bagels are vegan, too! Though, they're right around the corner from all vegan Wild Prairie, which would be my preference if they're open 😉

  2. Thanks for all the great tips. We went to the Blazing Bagels in Bellevue today and it was great. By the way, we found out that the vegan schmear is Galaxy Nutri Foods Vegan Cream Cheese Alternative. It'd be interesting if they tried to concoct their own.

  3. There is also a Blazin' Bagels near redmond. I'm going to have to go there sometime. I used to love that place a lot, but I haven't been there at all recently because I thought they weren't vegan friendly. Thanks for enlightening me!

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