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New Seattle Vegan Bakery Debut

Woh. Check out these beautifully crafted treats made by a new vegan baking company in Seattle: Violet Sweet Shoppe. I think that this is the prettiest cake I’ve ever seen. Now I need a party worthy of such art. UPDATE: Now opening in May 2013 at 3612 NE 45th St. Seattle WA 98015.

Slow down there Skippy. Don’t go typing that shop name into your google maps so you can go buy a cake – you won’t find their store – yet. Don’t despair, you have one chance this Saturday, Sept 15 to experience the professional debut of  Violet Sweet Shoppe. Just check out the Wholefoods Interbay Flea Market, on Saturday – it’s a fundraiser for Whole Kids Foundation. They will have vegan cookies, tarts, sweet breads, cakes, and chocolate blossoms (see photo below: chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse, whipped cream, and cake in the middle). And there will be other Flea Market fun, all for a good cause.

So, since I’ve not gotten to try any of these treats yet, I can’t a go on and on and on about them – but what I can say about the amazing baker behind Violet Sweet Shoppe is that she is truly talented and everything I’ve eaten created by her has been a dream. Once they have their retail space open, it will have a full espresso bar, morning pastries, and cakes, of course! Follow them on Facebook to get updates as they get ready to open.

Do it. Get there on Saturday. I’ll be going, but I can’t buy one of everything, so you get some things and tell me how it is, and take some pictures too!

Violet Sweet Shoppe @ Wholefoods Community Flea Market
Saturday, September 15th
11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Interbay Whole Foods Parking Lot
2001 15th Avenue W
Seattle  Washington  98119

Bus Lines: #18, #15, #32 (Thanks Ryan!)

Update! They have a location. Opening May 2013
Violet Sweet Shoppe
3612 NE 45th St.
Seattle WA 98015

3 thoughts on “New Seattle Vegan Bakery Debut

  1. I went on Saturday. I bought myself an individual, belated birthday cake: espresso, and a tiny pumpkin bread. The cake was incredible: covered in the lightest, most wonderful frosting ever, it was a vanilla bean cake drenched in espresso. The pumpkin bread was really moist and not too sweet. It may have been the best pumpkin bread I've ever had.

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