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Animal Advocacy 101: From Farm Sanctuary

Been thinking about getting more involved with animal advocacy and vegan outreach but don’t know where to start? Well, good news friends! The folks down at Farm Sanctuary have started a new project called Compassionate Communities to help new folks figure out how to spread compassion where they live.

This weekend, Friday Sept 28 and Sept 29 Nick Cooney of Farm Sanctuary will be coming to Seattle and getting folks out leafleting. Nick will also be running a workshop called: Effective Animal Advocacy 101 at Cafe Allegro in the U-District. Alas, I don’t think Alicia will be there, but I like famous people who take time out of their days to make videos for us, so there is that.

This is a great chance for folks in Seattle to consider what it means to work for animals, to share what they know, and make a difference – right now. The situation is that more than 150 billion animals will be killed this year. Each percent that we can reduce this makes a difference to those animals. Change can’t wait. Oh, and doing stuff for others is cool. Not weak. OK.

If you’re on Facebook you can RSVP and invite others to join. If you see me at Cafe Allegro and we haven’t met, please introduce yourself. Suppa.

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