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A shift: Veggie Grill

So I was out of town when our (first) Veggie Grill opened up last month and it has taken me weeks to make it to the Cascade neighborhood (uh hem, Ryan), to check it out. Why? I didn’t think I’d be that impressed. I haven’t eaten fast food in 18 years, why would I start now? I like supporting local unique businesses, not chains. I like hidden gems, not the obvious. But…

I WAS WRONG. Do not wait like I did. Don’t be cynical. Go get some fresh, delicious, well-planned, well-made, very fast, and affordable vegan food.

We shared the VG cheese burger (with jalapeno) and it was one of the best I’ve had in my life. Honestly. Better than I make at home. They use Gardein, which is my favorite of the mock meats because it isn’t like eating more bread. The bun wasn’t too dense, it smashed up a little just like a good burger bun should. The pickles were fresh and crisp and the onions were grilled until sweet, but not mush. And the whole thing wasn’t overly greasy or rich. I didn’t feel gross after eating it. I felt great.

We also got the Hail Kale salad since others had raved about it. Again, better than any restaurant kale salad I’ve had and better than most homemade salads too. The kale was either blanched or oil rubbed so it wasn’t too tough, chewy, or difficult to eat. It was covered in a sweet cabbage, corn, tomatoes, carrot, and bits of quinoa – we didn’t even use the dressing. I am over the moon happy to be able to get a good-tasting healthy salad at a place like Veggie Grill. I was worried it would be all junk food. Oh, how little I knew.

The side of mac and cheese was also yummy! Not heavy or oily – and made with quinoa pasta. For those who love the mac and yease at Plum and Sage might find it a little bland – but you can add a little salt and pepper to spice it up.There is a huge variety of main dishes, sides, and salads to choose from too. I can’t wait to go back to try the crab cakes, carne asada, and chill-out wings.

And if you are looking for fast, you’ll be happy. We seriously got our food in under 4 minutes. They also serve beer and everyone who works there is extremely helpful. They happily answered my questions and made suggestions.

Game Changer: another Veggie Grill is opening in the U-Village this week. I think Veggie Grill food will appeal to a wide audience, especially those new to vegan food and looking for familiar flavors and textures. I can see lots of omnivores eating here too. This to me is the coolest thing: a successful chain vegan fast food joint is evidence that veganism is heading towards mainstream. People really are moving in this direction.Things are shifting. Let’s all enjoy!

Cascade Neighborhood
446 Terry Ave North, Seattle
Mon-Thur 10:30am to 9pm; Fri 10:30am to 10pm
Sat 11am to 10pm; Sun 11am to 9pm

University Village (Opening October 4)
2681 NE University Village Street, Seattle
Sun-Thur 11am to 10pm; Fri-Sat 11am to 11pm

5 thoughts on “A shift: Veggie Grill

  1. I was hesitant about Veggie Grill at first too, but I really love that they're making tasty, fast, and affordable vegan food appealing to the masses. Exciting that U-Village is getting one 🙂

  2. Try the mashed potatoes with cauliflower! Super good. I was underwhelmed by the nachos (fine, but nothing to write home about) and thought my chicken-style sandwich (don't remember now which one) was a little bland. But I really like the kale salad as well, and the Crispy Chick'n Plate was excellent. Ooh, and the parfait! Good stuff! Their iced tea is very sweet, which would be a plus for some but not for me. Fortunately, they have a decent selection of beer!Totally agree that the service is remarkably fast and friendly. The place is insanely packed at lunchtime on weekdays, but they move people through quite efficiently, and things are much, much more calm by early evening.

  3. The food looked good but was incredibly bland. Strange texture in the chicken meatalog. The service was good, but I have no interest in going back there again because of the actual food. I can't eat a concept. I can eat the food. Also, I do not like that they are called Veggie Grill when they are 100% Vegan. They are complicit in agreeing the word "Vegan" would make people less likely to want to eat there because of negative stereotypes about vegan food. They could also have saved buying a letter on their sign had they used Vegan instead of Veggie.

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