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Seattle Film Screening: Animal Liberation Front (A.L.F.)

Imagine a young dog, physically and emotionally exploited, bred to be experimented on, cornered in a galvanized steel cage, shaking in silence and terror, awaiting the human hand that will reach in to take her for another round of torture. This isn’t science fiction. This scene plays out hundreds of times a day – at the hands of humans, in the name of human progress and products. It sends shudders down our spines. I know.

Even with this knowledge in hand, most of us do nothing about it but sulk and turn away. Some, not many, protest, write letters, stand as witnesses outside laboratories to try to keep illuminated what the industry would hide. But an extremely rare few are haunted by the image of each individual animal, and risk their own freedom to rescue them from their tormentors: they are the Animal Liberation Front (A.L.F.).

Whether you think  A.L.F. members are “terrorists” because they steal “property,” and vandalize laboratories or you believe they are champions of freedom for both humans and animals – you should attend the Seattle screening of the new French drama, “Animal Liberation Front” directed by Jérôme Lescure. Based on a series of true events, this fictional account explores the lives of A.L.F. members, and the twisted society that allows the exploitation of the weak at the hands of the strong. No matter your opinion, this film was made for you. It was made for all of us.

Director, Jérôme Lescure

This one-night-only screening of Animal Liberation Front” is not be missed. Darius Fullmer, formerly imprisoned animal activist, will be speaking before the film, then after, a member of the film team, Gauthier Lamothe, will be available for Q & A. Put it on your Facebook calendar and invite your smart and inquisitive friends.

Animal Liberation Front
Date: Monday November 26, 2012
Time: 8:30 PM
Location: Grand Illusion Cinema, 1403 NE 50th St., Seattle (map)
Bus routes: 30, 48, 70,71, 72, 73, 74, 83, 373, 542, and 556
Cost: $7

Don’t skip watching this movie because the stories of these animals frighten or depress you. Instead, this should be the reason you go. See you there.

PS: In unrelated news, we just adopted a former laboratory dog. She is a beautiful, loyal, smart, affectionate, and playful girl. I can’t give you all the details, but I’ll write a post up to introduce her soon.

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