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Seattle Likes Its Coffee Black

Instead of shopping on Black Friday (who does that anyhow?), two vegan gal pals and I wandered out of the rain and into the incredibly beautiful location of the newest capitol hill coffee shop:  Black Coffee Co-Op. I think it is totally kismet that I finally got to check out Black Coffee on Black Friday since it is the antithesis of corporate consumerism.

Black Coffee is a worker’s cooperative run coffee house totally designed around community. The night I went, the high ceiling locale on the corner of Pine and Summit was filled with people playing
games, drinking coffee, even someone plucking on a banjo like instrument. The barista was boogieing to some sort of peppy music and the whole thing reminded me of one of my favorite albums: Choice of a New Generation (Fifteen (c) 1993). There is a great upstairs location for small meetings and superior people watching.

In addition to delicious soy and almond milk lattes, they had a huge array of Wayward Cafe vegan sandwiches, including the breakfast sammie! Also beer and wine by donation. The coffee is from local roaster Kuma Coffee, which practices direct trade with coffee bean growers. Rumors were floated of future vegan pastries. Although all of their food is and will be vegan, like most other cafes, they do have cows milk (boo and why?).  There was a little library small public library, and some local indie zines and such for sale. They host events for social activists and radicals of all shapes and sizes.

This all may sound very hippy + punk haven, but it was way better than those stereotypes do justice. It is basically a coffee shop for people who care about the world and each other. And refreshingly unhip. I’ll be spending a lot of time there for sure.

Now go visit! And follow ’em on Twitter @blackcoffeecoop and friend ’em on Facebook.

Black Coffee Co-Op
501 E. Pine St., Seattle, WA, 98122
7 am to midnight every day

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