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Vegan Mexican on Planet Belltown

It’s true that we can’t get really great Mexican food in Seattle (I don’t know why exactly). But you can get OK Mexican food – especially when the establishment is run by folks with actual experience with authentic food from Mexico: enter Space Taco Mexican Grill.

 This a-few-months-new Belltown joint offers plenty for Belltown vegans, including nopales (prickly-pear cactus meat)! This super hardy vegetable is perfect for those who don’t want fake meat or tofu in their traditional Mexican fare. Just order the vegetarian stuff, hold the cheese.

The refried black beans and the Mexican-style rice are made without meat stock or lard and each dish offers the option of being topped with fried jalapenos! The vegetarian tacos come with seasoned nopales, tomato, onion, and cilantro (below). The mini tostadas we ordered (above left) came with refried beans, chopped tomatoes, lettuce and radishes and they were drizzled with a red sauce. I highly recommend the tostadas.

They have a mega deal for happy hour: 2 tacos and a beer for $5. Seriously. And the chips come with two really yummy salsas.The service was also stellar for a little hole in the wall. If you are in Belltown, give ’em a go! Just look for the Space Needle with a red sombrero (I’m not kidding).

2421 2nd Avenue (Between Wall and Battery)
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 441-5312

4 thoughts on “Vegan Mexican on Planet Belltown

  1. I am excited to try out Space Taco! I will have to disagree about not having any great Mexican places in Seattle. I have had many a great vegetarian and vegan meals at Mission in West Seattle. Where else are you going to have tofu fajitas or yummy sweet potato tacos? Now I will say we don't have anything like SF's Gracias Madre but maybe someday.

  2. Oh Jody! I am so ashamed to say that I still have not made it to Mission. I even had a friend who worked there for years. I don't know why? So I retract my earlier statement and assume Mission is as good as people say. I'll go there before the year is up, for sure. I love tofu fajitas. Have you had the ones at Mama's?

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