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Get fancy: Vegan Crumpets

Hello! My name is Juawana and I am a new Seattle Vegan Score correspondent! I’ll be adding to the already awesome and useful posts about adventures in veganism here in glorious Seattle. My credentials are these: I am vegan. I love food. I love finding local secrets. BAM! Expert level status. Now on to my first post.

Pike Place Market is full of vegan secrets – from soups to sweets (stay tuned for more posts about that!). Today though, I am talking about crumpets, because I am fancy as hell.
The Crumpet Shop at Pike Place Market has a lot to offer us – namely their perfectly toasted and naturally vegan crumpets! The awesome woman who answered all my questions reported that in addition to nut butters, vegans can enjoy a chocolate hazelnut spread, maple butter (SO LEGIT), Marmite (what! it’s like taking a UK vacation just for breakfast), as well as a number of jams, jellies and marmalades to top their crumpets.  Just make sure to specify no butter when ordering since that’s standard procedure in the crumpet world. If a single crumpet isn’t going to satisfy your fierce herbivoracious hunger then add a bowl of groats! They even have soy milk laying around for your porridge-loving pleasure.


I was smart enough to try the Marmite on a crumpet in addition to ordering my usual maple butter. I liked it! It’s a little unusual and a lot salty, but it’s a great option for folks who are looking for a more savory crumpet experience. I bet you could even get some of the veggies they offer (tomatoes or cucumber?) on there if you asked nicely.
The Crumpet Shop is a true gem for tea lovers, anglophiles, locals and tourists alike. The walls are covered with tea party murals, the shelves are stacked with jams, maple butters and carefully picked loose leaf teas for you to take home or gift. The service is always quick and cheery.
What are you waiting for? Get thee to tea time!
The Crumpet Shop
1503 1st Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101
Open 7:30am-5pm

3 thoughts on “Get fancy: Vegan Crumpets

  1. Their crumpets are delicious! Though I asked about the butter and was told they only have dairy butter on hand, and no vegan substitutes, so I couldn't try the maple butter. The marmite was awesome though!

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