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Agent of History: Activism and Veganism

Some of you know that I was a history major – it’s because of this that I feel strongly about the power of individuals to change the world – but don’t easily fall into despair when things aren’t quite right. Today I share with you a post that I did for NARN, slightly modified, but related to history and change.

The Bad News:
We humans systematically breed, torture, and brutally kill billions of animals each year for pleasure. We do unspeakable things to our fellow earthlings – creatures with physical and emotional needs similar to ours. Most people’s eyes, hearts, and minds are closed to these horrors. Most of us are complicit and literally pay others to do these atrocious deeds to animals. It is happening right now as you read this. Millions are in pain, suffering, dying without hope in crates, shackles, cages, and boxes all over the world. 98% of human society, our society, finds this is acceptable. Even many vegans find this acceptable – feel that being vegan is a personal choice and they don’t care what soever what other people do.

The Good News: Things change. Just in the past 5 years the blinders have started to fall, people from all backgrounds around the world have been moving in droves to a more compassionate and reasonable lifestyle. People have taken to the streets in Italy, Cork, Syracuse, Turkey, and even our little NW town, to speak out for those who can’t speak for themselves. Almost every week you hear of a new influential person who is trying veganism. There are more positive sentiments online around veganism than there are negative. People are sharing what they learn and know about being vegan and aren’t annoying about it. Some vegans are even likable (gasp!). The tide is slowly turning, very slowly.  
|| OBSERVE || PUBLIC OPINIONS || Animal Rights Protest March || Dame Street || Dublin || Republic of Ireland ||
What Matters: Things don’t change without us. We are the problem and the solution. The animals in cages today, and their offspring for generations to come, are counting on YOU AND ME to help them, to do something. There is no magical group working for their rights and freedom while you hang out watching the game. You, me, your mom, you weird cousin, that guy holding a sign by himself in the rain outside the UW Primate Testing Facility – We are their hope. If we don’t tell people what is happening to animals, hearts will remain hard and closed. If we don’t work to change things, they won’t change. The suffering will continue unabated. If we chose being popular over fighting injustice, then we should all despair.

So What?

You matter. Right now, decide to use your talents, energy, and love to work to evolve humanity. Be one of those people that drive and prod us forward. Join the groups that will push society into a saner, kinder, and more sustainable future. By helping to open others hearts and minds, you’ll open cages. Every animal counts. Every cage matters. The way we are in the world is the root of evil, and must strike at the roots. It comes down to this: being vegan means you’ll be on the right side of history.  But being an activist means you are an agent of history. If you aren’t sure how to get started, come to the next NARN open meeting January 13, 2013.
[Update: Check out NARN’s calendar for the 2014 open meeting, Animal Activism sessions, etc.]

4 thoughts on “Agent of History: Activism and Veganism

  1. Hi A! This is another wonderful and inspirational post. To answer the question in your tweet (the one that brought me here). For me, being a vegan, is very personal. My many years as a vegan have been huge for benefiting my physical and emotional health. I believe that everyone is trying to live a happier, healthier, more-sustainable lifestyle but everyone starts from a different place and nobody is perfect.These days, my biggest heroes are the folks who act locally (like yourself!) to inspire and educate others. By living our beliefs and simply being kind, cool, & decent people, the world WILL (and MUST) become a more compassionate place.

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