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Nicole Georges – Let’s all be like her when we grow up.

Thanks be to the comic gods, Nicole Georges is stopping by Seattle on a book tour promoting her new graphic memoir, “Calling Dr. Laura.”  She’ll  be hanging out at one of our best book stores, Elliot Bay Book Company.  Praise be!

If you already know who Nicole Georges is, then I am sure you are jumping up and down and writing “January 30 – Best Day Ever” on your calendar right now. If you don’t know her, today is the day you fall in love with a brilliant vegan author and artist!

Famous for her autobiographic zines, animal portraits and sweetly poignant Gay Animal calendar, Nicole has won the hearts of other artists, vegans, feminists, teenagers,  queer human and non-human animals alike. Even if she couldn’t tell a story, her illustrations are moving, honest, and will make you feel silly, generous, sad, and hopeful all at the same time. But she isn’t simply an illustrator – she is a comic teacher and natural story teller. Nothing about her stories feel dishonest and they give us a mirror for our majorly dysfunctional families.

“An engrossing, lovable, smart and ultimately poignant trip through a harrowing emotional bottleneck in family life.  It’s great art, great writing, a great story – I can’t wait for what’s next from Nicole. What a wonderful book.”  —Rachel Maddow

Her first full graphic memoir will be available January 22, 2013. It is filled with stories from her young childhood through adulthood, and is drawn in a few different styles – each perfect for the chronology. Jam packed with fears, friends, and family secrets, it’s bare nakedness is disarming.

Oh, did I mention that she is a super rad vegan with a heart and home full of animals? Yeah, so go to the reading and buy the book already! Wait, that sounded bossy. How about, “If you like awesome things, good stories, beautiful drawings, supporting vegan artists, and hanging out in book stores, go to the reading and buy the book.” Yeah, that was better.

Nicole Georges
Book Reading: “Calling Dr. Laura” graphic memoir
Elliott Bay Book Co
1521 10th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122
Wednesday, January 30, 2013
7 pm (one page says 8, but I think it is at 7)

“Nicole Georges spins a riveting family mystery. There’s a powerful chemistry going on between her delicate drawings and the probing honesty of her investigations. Calling Dr. Laura is disarming and haunting, hip and sweet, all at once.” —Alison Bechdel

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