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Tipsy Vegan Tuesdays at Lucid Lounge

Hey drinkers, and eaters, and music lovers. The super mega rad owner Lucid Lounge, David Pierre-Louise, is partnering up with Wayward Cafe to launch Tipsy Vegan Tuesdays this February 5, 2013!

And not just vegan cocktails, beer, and wine (tho’ that would be plenty for me) but the fine folks over at Wayward Vegan Cafe will be providing a home-style southern fare buffet from 6:00 pm until the food runs out. Check out this menu:

  • Southern fried seitan cutlets
  • Baked macaroni and cheese
  • Barbeque-basted tricolor baked beans
  • Spicy collards with rice and beans
  • Yankee cornbread
  • BLT potato salad
    and more!

Every first Tuesday of the month, Wayward will provide a changing vegan menu and David will be providing strictly-vegan designer cocktails, including ‘mock’tails for all your sXe, (detoxing, recovering, or driving) friends! I’ll try the spiked ginger lemonade (fresh squeezed lemon juice, house made organic ginger syrup, bourbon) and you try the “Spiked Sloan” which is house-made chocolate soy milk, vodka, and coffee bitters.  The music will be custom-mood-fitted so take someone special and thank David for making Seattle even more vegan-friendly. UPDATE: For the inaugural event, there will be live folk+ roots music thanks to Br’er Rabbit

Tipsy Vegan Tuesdays (1st Tues of the  Month)
Lucid Lounge
5241 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105
6 pm to 12 am
Bus lines #71, 73, 43 (and more a few blocks farther) and they run late
RSVP on the Face.

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