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Big Fun on the Bayou (but really in Pike Market)

On the search for more vegan secrets in Pike Place Market, Anika and I stumbled into Bayou on First−a tiny dinner-like dive on First Avenue.

Wandering passed the many store fronts and skimming several menus, we decided to get in out of the cold and warm up with some black-eyed pea jambalaya (because who the heck says no to black-eyed pea jambalaya? NO ONE.) The place was cozy and the folks we’re helpful and friendly. They assured us that the dish was vegan and served it without the cornbread, a sign, in my opinion, that they know what’s up. The dish was warm and filling (we shared one order and we were more than satisfied. When coupled with the Louisiana Hot Sauce left out on the tables, it is unstoppable. The dish was light on the vegetables but a meal worthy of wading through the flood of downtowners and tourists lurking around the market.

Downtown Seattle really knows how to answer the call when those voracious vegan comfort food cravings are brought on by the infamous Northwest winter months. Also on the menu at Bayou is a vegan tofu scramble. I haven’t had a chance to try this yet but you should and report back to me immediately! Bayou serves breakfast from 8am-11:15am and lunch until 3:30 Monday through Thursday−staying open until 6pm Friday through Sunday.

1523 1st Ave
Seattle, WA   98101
(206) 624-2598

2 thoughts on “Big Fun on the Bayou (but really in Pike Market)

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