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The Froyo Craze Finally Welcomes Vegans!

What is the one thing you daydream most about when you’re walking down The Ave past a thousand bubble tea cafes and collegiate youths? Right! Vegan frozen yogurt! So, you can imagine how surprised I was when I was doing just that and I caught a glimpse of a sign I’d never seen before. “We have soy froyo!” it said. “What trickery is this?!” I thought.
But, it wasn’t a trick at all! They did have soy-based frozen yogurt and I did immediately order it (after confirming that it was, indeed, vegan). Oh my gosh, y’all. This stuff was hella legit! It had the kinda sour taste of dairy-based frozen yogurt and it wasn’t too sweet nor was it secretly soft-serve ice cream masquerading as yogurt (like others I’ve had). DANG! The woman working divulged the secret that the sour yogurty taste comes from lemons. LEMONS. Life gave them lemons and they gave vegans a delicious frozen treat. What a wonderful world. There were lots of fruity and nutty toppings to add, too. EAT EM UP! I mean, just look at it! It’s beautiful!

The next time you’re wandering through our beloved and very vegan friendly University District, be sure and stop by Citra for a taste of the froyo craze–now welcoming vegans (um, that’s still a craze, right? Who cares! Still delicious!).
4730 University Way NE Suite 105
(206) 327-9012


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