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El Borracho’s Vegan Nachos!

I’m Nick, a new Vegan Score correspondent. Last year, the vegan-friendly Pan Africa Restaurant moved from their location by the Pike Place Market downtown to West Seattle. Mexican restaurant El Borracho opened a few months later in the space downtown. A hot tip last week alerted us that they offer a ton of vegan options: burritos, quesadillas, tacos, and nachos. (Thanks Lapoint!)

The vegan nachos are the best I’ve had. The chips stay quite crisp under generous amounts of Daiya cheese, vegan sour cream (!), and guacamole. Piled high on a dinner plate, there’s plenty to share or keep to yourself if you’re hungry.

El Borracho Vegan Nachos

The vegan quesadilla is available mulita style (corn tortillas) or gringa style (flour tortilla). I opted for the latter. It was tasty, with Daiya cheese, tender potatoes, and poblano peppers. They have several house-made salsas, all vegan, which I recommend if you want to add some heat.

Owner Kittie Davidovich also runs Le Bon Ton Roule in Ballard which has a ton of vegan Cajun options – more on that soon!

El Borracho is located at 1521 First Ave between Pike and Pine. They’re open 11 AM to 10 PM Mon-Fri and 11 AM to 11 PM Sat-Sun.

For even more vegan Mexican food, check out past posts on El Chupcabra in Phinney Ridge or Bimbo’s Cantina on Capitol Hill!

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