Vegan Food

Gourmondo Catering Feeds Us Seattle Business Vegans

How many of you have been at a work thing (technical term) where everyone is getting a free meal except you? ::raises hand:: Well! Have I, Juawana, got news for you! Gourmondo Catering wants to feed you at your fancy pants business lunches! I was given the chance to try all three of their vegan options and let me tell you, I ate them all! In one day! Just kidding. I ate them one day at a time. But, it definitely made up for the times I had to buy myself lunch at conferences and all-day trainings when everyone else was fed for free.  

Below is my full report (complete with co-worker betrayal and treachery):

The first day I dove into the Soba Noodle Salad which was delicious! Hurray! The box lunches come with a green salad, Sun Chips and a Flying Apron brownie for sides (so much food!). The green salad was fresh and the balsamic vinaigrette was perfectly tangy and well blended. Also, you can’t tell in the picture but there were secret dried cherries in that salad. SURPRISE! Delicious. The soba noodles were chewy in a good way. The veggies were firm and crisp and the whole thing was topped with black and white sesame seeds. Chomp! 


Next up was the Wheatberry Protein Salad. Let me tell you, I was way into it. Since the Soba Noodle lunch box lacks a strong protein presence (though still super filling), I was happy to have a bean salad to fill in the next day. Wheatberries, edamame, cannelini, kidney and garbanzo beans with veggies in a herbalicious vinaigrette make up this super filling box lunch. Also served with Sun Chips and a Flying Apron Brownie (which, once again, I had to save for an afternoon snack). 

The last day was very controversial. My omnivore co-worker was fiercely jealous of all my delicious vegan food that he stole the chips and brownie out of my box lunch! ::shakes head:: I was ready to start a real, live inquisition but he confessed immediately and agreed to buy me lunch at a future time. So, YAY! Truth be told, I noticed because I was going to steal them for a snack myself, expecting the rest of the meal to be plenty (and I was right!). At first I didn’t think the Grilled Vegetable Panini was a real panini because I was under the impression that paninis were made on fancy grilled rosemary bread or something, but according to the internet, paninis don’t have to be grilled. This was on french bread and even though it was in the fridge for three days (vulnerable to thieves), it still did the trick and satisfied my (angry) lunchtime hunger. Plus it came with the green salad so I got to taste those surprise salad cherries again. I quickly forgot about the workplace betrayal. 

So there you have it, folks. Start sending those requests now to get your employers to start respecting your awesome vegan lives and feeding you when they send you to Yakima or Tukwila or conference room B all day to learn about the fascinating new developments and skills in your field/industry/agency/passionate lives. 

Gourmondo Catering Company
309 South Cloverdale Street, Suite B-24
Seattle, WA 98108

PH: 206.587.0190

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