Vegan Food

Vegan-Friendly Mobile Falafel Food Truck

My first falafel was long before I had that vegan twinkle in my eye, but I’ve since relied on the Middle Eastern staple for many late night dinner or guaranteed vegan option when out with mixed company. On St. Patrick’s Day, I visited the Fremont Flea Market for a little Sunday Funday and some extensive treasure hunting and guess what! I got hungry. So, I opted for a little falafel party at Falafel Salam. They have an 90% vegetarian menu and some funny dudes slinging snacks out of their mobile operation.

 I ordered the house falafel pita (spicy, because that is how I do) and was serenaded with a sweet cover of I’m so Excited by Cindy Lauper while I was waiting. This sandwich was serious business, folks. It was packed with layer after layer of deliciousness–hummus, arab salad, tons of falafel, pickled mango and topped with tahini. This was all stuffed into a fresh, soft pita and then right into my mouth. I basically raved about it the whole time I was eating it. My lunch date was like “DUDE, I GET IT. YOU ARE GONNA MARRY YOUR FALAFEL.”

Falafel Salam takes their cart all around town so you’ll have to check the website to see where they are hanging out when hunger strikes, but it looks like Sundays they have a regular gig at the Fremont Flea Market (last week they did the Harlem Shake, whatever that is, with some other Fremont Market regulars). So, if you like your falafel with a side of fun, I recommend chasing them down for your next meal.
Twitter: @falafelsalam


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