Vegan Food

Vegan Love from Pettirosso on Capitol Hill

Perhaps you’ve already ventured into the expanded and improved Pettirosso under the savvy ownership of the sisters that own Bang Bang. If so, you are a smart and classy vegan. If not, and you’ve not thought twice about this place in years, you need to give it a try. Trust me.

Under Yuki and Miki Sodos’ purview, Pettirosso is a sweet, cozy, modern, and delightfully vegan-friendly bar. You’ll find Sean’s Vegan Mac (made famous at Bang Bang), an other fresh and interesting vegan specials. During their daily brunch you can order vegan biscuits and gravy (if they don’t run out – it is very popular), tofu scramble, or upgrade to fried tofu and noodles for more of a lunch time meal. They even have a few fresh baked vegan treats in the dessert case.

Not only will you find scrumptious vegan vittles, you can also imbibe on quality concocted concoctions from their beautiful bar. Make sure to ask for your bloody mary vegan, they are happy to oblige. The atmosphere is perfect for hiding away on a rainy spring day or going out for an impromptu drink and a snack. Oh, don’t forget to order some handmade pickles. Yummm. Pickles.

These sisters aren’t just vegan-friendly, they truly love vegans. For real. They will treat you well. See you around!

1101 E Pike St,
Seattle, WA

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