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Guide to Seattle Vegan Pizza

Here it is friends, your very own guide to vegan pizza in the Seattle area. It’s not exhaustive! This is only a list of places to get pizza with vegan cheeze!*

Your key: V = all veg – GF= gluten-free options – D = delivery – BEER = beer
$ = ~ $10/PERSON         $$ = ~$15/PERSON        $$$ = ~$20/PERSON (estimates)

Vegan Pizza from Turn Pike

Special note:  this guide could be a little wrong. Could be totally right. We do our best but make no promises. Always ask before you order. Updated Spring 2013

Café Flora
Neighborhood: Madison Valley
2901 E. Madison St. Seattle 98112
Best for: dates and special dinners
Don’t miss: seasonal wood-fired pizza

Central Co-Op (Madison Market)
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
1600 E Madison St Seattle, WA 98122
Best for: quick lunch
Don’t miss: pizza by the slice!

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
1520 15th Ave., Seattle 98122
Best for: health conscious
Don’t miss: get the Liver Detox with the pizza
GF  $$

Naked Pizza
Neighborhood: Kent
417 Ramsay Way, Kent, WA 98032
Best for: take out
Don’t miss: The Green House
(GF crust not vegan) $$

Pizza Pi  Vegan Pizzeria
Neighborhood: University District
5500 University Way, Seattle 98105
Best for: tiny groups, take-out, big appetites
Don’t miss: St. Louis style calzone (not actually St. Louis style)
V   GF   BEER  $

Pritty Boys Family Pizzeria
Neighborhood: Madrona
1430 34th Ave. Seattle  98122
Best for: parties and family
Don’t miss: the free pinball!

Neighborhood: Bellevue
10621 NE 8th St., Bellevue 98004
Best for: dinner with mixed company
Don’t miss: Il Tropico

Juliano’s Pizza
Neighborhood: Crown Hill
8335 15th Ave NW, Seattle  98117
Best for: late night cravings
Don’t miss: garlic tofu , vegan sausage, Nooch
D $

Razzi’s Pizzeria
Neighborhood: Wallingford
8523 Greenwood Ave. N. Seattle 98103
Best for: big groups, mixed vegan, GF, and omnivore
Don’t miss: deep fried vegan cheeze sticks
GF BEER  $$$

Neighborhood: Belltown
2228 2nd Ave. Seattle  98121
Best for: drinkers pre movie at Cinerama
Don’t miss: the pear arugula pizza

Turnpike Pizza
Neighborhood: Green Lake
6900 E Green Lake Way N. Seattle 98115
Best for: big groups, sports, take-out
Don’t miss: vegan pesto
D BEER $$ (GF crust not vegan)

Neighborhood: Downtown/ Cascade / Denny
Best for: lunch on the go
Don’t miss: pizza by the slice

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
Best for: eating at home if you have an oven
Don’t miss: bake at home super hot pizza

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
1620 Broadway Ave., Unit 100f, Seattle  98122
Best for: delivery
Don’t miss: vegan Tuscan + veggie burger crumbles

*Many other places have vegan crusts and you can order veggies with no cheese. But there are too many of those joints to list, so this is just those special restaurants who go out of their way to say VEGAN and make us some pizza sans the cruelty inherent in dairy.

15 thoughts on “Guide to Seattle Vegan Pizza

  1. The Razzis website has a gluten-free and vegan menu that says the GF crust is vegan…do you get some inside info stating otherwise?

  2. Razzis (in Greenwood) says their crust is both vegan and GF. We just ordered one last night — too tired to move after VVC. It doesn’t taste vegan or GF but it is. Try the ‘garden special’ — it’s really good!

  3. Juliano’s is closed.
    PCC has vegan pizza if you can handle pizza without cheeze.
    Razzi’s has been accused of serving non vegan food to vegans.

  4. So many places I can’t keep up! So much news! Juliano’s closed? I’m not surprised. Kind of went down hill even before leaving Cap Hill for Ballard. 🙂 Thanks everyone. I’ll keep modifying!

  5. Oh, and I’ve never heard any complaints about Razzi’s. I’m surprised because the staff seems so knowledgeable. All my orders have been 100% vegan. Any one had trouble?

  6. Maybe I was confusing Pritty Boys and Razzi’s. I’ll fix that up! Tho’ Pritty Boys does have other GF stuff besides pizza I think.

  7. Just an FYI that Zaw uses honey in their crusts. I’ve lived next to one for years and often check to see if they’ve changed the recipe or have any plans to – no such luck in either case. :^(

  8. Yes indeed, Seattle does have a variety of vegan pizza. Many people don’t know of these places but slowly they’ll be well recognized. It just takes loyal customers and awesome pizza! 🙂

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