Vegan Activism

Vanguard of a Kinder World

So you know we vegans are the vanguard of a more compassionate, reasonable, and less-violent world, right?  You alone save dozens and dozens of animals from suffering and death every year. According to a 2012 Harrison Poll commissioned by the Vegetarian Resource Group, there are already about 2 million vegans in the US! Totally incredible in my book.  But as a major social movement, veganism is still in it’s early stages – mostly in education and awareness. Each of us discovered information and were influenced by others to choose veganism. It is likely because others were working on behalf of the animals – writing books, making movies, creating literature, tabling, writing blogs, etc.  I’m grateful to all the known and unknown faces behind my discovery and embrace of veganism.

Right now, millions of animals are in pain, scared, hurt, and abused. They will endure this for few weeks or many years before their lives are ended early and violently. They don’t have the luxury of slow moving change, and egads, are we humans slow to catch on. Just like other major social movements throughout history, animals need people to take their voices and feet into the streets to teach, inform, and be advocates. They need us to get involved. They are counting on us. By helping just one person go vegan, you can help as many as another 100 fish and fauna each year. If you could help 5 people, that would be 500+ earthlings. You now how multiplication works, so I won’t go into more details, but you should find this very inspiring. Heh.


Thankfully the Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) is making it easy for us to help the animals while helping our fellow citizens discover the freaking awesomeness that is vegan livin’! FARM is touring North American colleges and music festivals paying folks $1 to watch a 4 minute movie that highlights the inherently inhumane nature of animal agriculture and encourages viewers to start on a path toward a vegan diet. Sounds strange? Well 80% of viewers commit to eating less animal products. EIGHTY PERCENT. And watching the movie may just be the start of their journey towards veganism, or it may be the straw that tips them right into it altogether. You could be a part of this change here in Seattle!

Yes, you! And me. And that other vegan you know at work. And your little cousin who is at the UW. After folks watch the video they need other great vegans around to talk to, to answer questions. You can also give them some follow up literature to read. You can be the support network or the role model that they need to stop hurting animals.

“Every volunteer makes a HUGE difference in the success of the events. You can encourage more viewers by simply holding a sign or talk to people after they’ve watched the video and inspire them to put their compassion into action. For many viewers it’s a life changing experience.”

According to FARM, through video outreach they inspire young people to reflect deeply on their food choices and take action to create a more compassionate future for animals.  They also talk about the health benefits of eliminating animal products as well as the environmental connections between factory farming and pollution, fossil fuel use, deforestation, water use, greenhouse gas emissions etc.  But they need our help at the University of Washington June 3rd – 6th from 9:30am-3:30pm. They will also be at the Warped Tour music festival June 15th from 11:30am-5:30pm. You can volunteer to help. Just email Scheduling [at] or visit If you aren’t sure how, go to the NARN Animal Activism 201: Psychology of Change the day before, Sunday June 2, 2013.


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