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Fire and Earth Kitchen Cooking Classes feeds your brain and belly!

Haaaaay, y’all! I’ve been on a little bit of a blog mini-hiatus, but that’s not because I haven’t been out scouring the city for awesomeness. It’s just means I’ve been too busy eating to write about it! BUT, here’s one of my latest adventures in indulging my ethical senses.

A few weeks ago I learned how to make soba noodles like a champion! AND they were gluten-free! AND AND they were delicious. You jealous yet? Well, you don’t have to be. You can learn hella skills, too just by signing up for Fire and Earth’s  plant-based, gluten-free cooking classes led by the lovely Renee. Renee is an expert on how to heal your body with deliciousness while keeping it quick and simple. I learned how to make FOUR super amazing dishes in 2 hours, received tastes of everything (CHOMP), drank lots of summery lemonade, ate noochy popcorn and took home fancy recipe cards for everything (plus an extra cookie which I immediately ate at the bus stop right after the class).

The atmosphere was lovely and casual. It was easy to ask questions and share knowledge during the demo. I learned way more than just how to create the most delicious nutritional powerhouse veggie patties everrrr. Renee was very generous about sharing tips, tricks and what kinds of benefits the ingredients we were using provided (I promptly stored all this information in my witch brain so I can make healing potions later). Did you know turmeric is mucho anti-inflammatory? Or that amaranth is another grain (technically, a seed) that is super packed with protein? Can you whip out a basic veggie burger formula out of your back pocket in a moment’s notice? I CAN! I will rule all the vegan barbecues this summer thanks to Fire and Earth Kitchen.

They just put out their summer class series which looks amaaaaazing, y’all! Check it out.

Now look at this dang delicious food I learned to make (and ate!) when I was there:


Fire and Earth’s would be a great choice for someone wanting to learn more about eating plant-based and/or gluten-free, simple meal prep, where to find and how to use new ingredients and what kind of magic they hold over your health (knowledge for those witchy brains!). The services offered include private one-on-one cooking classes, food coaching, as well as catering dinner parties and personal chef services.  The classes would also be a super fun group activity or a date (HINT). I highly encourage you to check out the offerings so we can all rule the vegan BBQ scene! Veggie Burger Cook-Off!

Fire and Earth Kitchen
ph. 206-919-5599

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