Vegan Food

Beacon Hill Bar Loves Vegans

I love Beacon Hill and it just keeps getting better. The fine folks behind The Redwood (amazing vegan brunch food people!) opened The Oak this past October, a sweet bar and eatery type place right on Beacon Avenue.

The oak vegan burger

First, they have very spicy vegan chili, which seems simple but is frucking delicious when you are drinking a $1.50 can of Hamms. You can’t beat this for bar food – and it kind of good for you.

But, better than that is their special vegan burger (above). Made from a porcini encrusted Field Roast patty and topped with ‘vegan goat cheese’ (aka Chao Cheese), stuffed with tomato, onion, and arugula this is one of the fanciest burgers in town! I will be going here once a month to drink good cocktails, drink cheap beer, and stuff my face with this vegan burger. I’ll see you there!

The Oak

3019 Beacon Ave S
Seattle, WA 98144
Neighborhood: Beacon Hill

Bus #36, 60, Light Rail! Yay! Don’t drink and drive.

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