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Theo Chocolate Factory Tour is just as sweet for Vegans.

Sometimes friends come to town and you’re forced to do all the things you always say you want to do, but never actually make time for in real, everyday life. Like tourism! And sometimes, you’re afraid the chosen activity is going to be everyone eating chocolate except for you and you’re already bitter about it so you show up ten minutes late because you we’re busy eating brunch at Georgetown Liquor Company with your vegan friends (because they understand your needs, and because they picked you up). BUT, as soon as you walk in someone hands you a basket of dark chocolate and encourages you to eat some and you realize that, well, maybe you’ll get that sugar high after all. And then you do. So high, because you eat SO MUCH CHOCOLATE.

Strawberry White Pepper Ganache


The tour was highly enjoyable, very informative (turns out, I had no idea how chocolate was made), vegan-friendly and delicious! There are an unreasonable amount of samples given out throughout the tour, and I cannot recall there not being a vegan option at any point. In fact, I think most of the chocolate they gave out was dark chocolate, and during the confection kitchen part of the tour, the guide clearly stated which delicious fancy confections were vegan (strawberry white pepper ganache! AH!) and then gave me one and then I died in pure indulgent bliss. After the hour was up, the tour guide set us free in the gift shop (verrrry clever, Theo), where I was kind of surprised at how many vegan options there actually were to choose from (not to mention an unreasonable amount of free samples that I graciously took advantage of).  From bars to boozey chocolate combos, I know where I’m heading for all my future gift-giving holiday shopping trips.

There were even vegan recipes to behold!

As I’m sure many a Seattleite is aware, Theo has a dedicated mission to saving the world one cocoa bean at a time. They fulfill their mission through committed fair trade, fair labor and environmentally conscious practices. They partner with other socially conscious businesses and dedicate some of their profit from specialty chocolate bars to worthy causes such as the Eastern Congo Initiative. But, I won’t give the entire tour away here, you’ll just have to visit the beautiful brick building in Fremont for yourself. I recommend impressing your out of town friends by showing them yet another reason our city is pretty effing fantastic and how they are blowing it by not living here and eating chocolate samples from the gift shop every day (there are so many!! Vegan options abound!).


I want to go to there.

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