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Odin Brewer’s Dinner at St. Dames

Oh you crazy beer lovin’ vegans, (a group of which I fondly consider myself a member): There is an event coming up just for us! Join the radical folks who run St. Dames for a fancy dinner and some wicked beer from Odin Brewing Company of Fremont.

St. Dames

St. Dames

For $40 you’ll get a full 4-course meal (vegan options for all courses, of course) paired with Odin Brews. Bring some friends and make it an outing. Here is the thing. You must make reservations! Call 206.725.8879. Put it on your calendar and don’t delay or you’ll forget and then kick yourself for skipping such a cool evening. If you want Facebook to remind you go here.

And I have a suggestion! This is the same evening as the big NARN Vegan Potluck and BBQ. So basically, if you like to cook, go to the potluck. If you don’t, go to the Brewer’s Dinner. Either way you will have vegan food in very good company.

Team Odin in the brewery.

When: Sunday,  August 25, 2013
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: St. Dames
Address: 4525 Martin Luther King Jr Way S, Seattle

Take the light rail so you can drink all the beer you want!

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