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Poltical. Vegan. Feminist. Comedian!!!

So probably lots of you are fans of Citizen Radio. And if so, then you’ve already gotten tickets to see the stand up comedy of  Jamie Kilstein at Highline this month. You can move along. This isn’t the blog post you are looking for.

Still here? Don’t know about Citizen Radio? Get thee this instant over to and open your ears and mind to the magic of political newsworthy comedic podcasting from Jamie Kilstein + Allison Kilkenny. I don’t know where you should start within their 800+ episodes, just dive in somewhere and bask. They have had guests ranging from Noam Chomsky to Bill Ayers to Sarah Silverman and talk about everything from rape culture to corporate criminal culpability. It’s kind of like The Daily Show but more radical and for your ears. Sometimes they have recorded the show live with an audience, here is some of that.

This is Jaime with my friend Sean

This is Jaime with my friend Sean ( at London Vegan Drinks

More importantly, know this: Jamie, one of my personal vegan super heroes,  will be  in our town being funny. In our house. In person. For our pleasures. Yes, Jamie is a professional who maybe does what he does to make money, spread smarts, and be cool. But he also does comedy for our pleasure. So fork over $12 to laugh while hating that corporations own our government. Fun times, I swear!


Jamie Kilstein
Friday September 6, 2013
8:00 PM
Highline Bar (Broadway and John)
BUY A TICKET at Brown Paper Tickets

3 thoughts on “Poltical. Vegan. Feminist. Comedian!!!

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