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Cafe Turko: a Vegan Oasis in Fremont

I’m sad to say that it has taken me this long to check out Cafe Turko in Fremont. I lived a mere mile away for two years before I ventured to take a look at the menu, despite passing by many times and curiously peeking inside at all the Turkish treasures. I’d often say to myself, “I’m gonna have coffee there some time,” as I breezed into Milstead next door. I blew it. For realz. Now that I have experienced the middle eastern delight that is Cafe Turko’s super vegan friendly menu, I’m not a mere mile away and all I want in life is to walk there every Sunday morning,  order 18 kinds of hummus and a Turkish coffee and do a cross word. OH LIFE!

Turko Tabuli

Tabbouleh Salad, with pepper rubbed bulgar grains

Don’t let anything stop you from heading over to this quaint Turkish cafe and import store. This place has the kind of charm that is getting more rare by the minute these days. The owners have always been present when I’ve gone to Cafe Turko and the chef, Sureyya, even came over to our table to see how we liked her food and to let us in on a glimpse of her secret (“All you need is fresh produce, salt and pepper, and a good olive oil.”) Being surrounded by rugs, jewels and other Turkish kitch really adds to the sort of old world, comfy feel–like you’re having lunch at your Turkish aunt’s house.

We started with a rainbow of hummus. I’m not being flowery with my description, that was the name of the dish! It included: beet, yam, spinach and regular hummus and lots and lots of soft pita. IT WAS A RAINBOW OF DELICIOUS. Forget Skittles, give me rainbow hummus platter. (Just kidding, Skittles, I love you.)

Spinach, beet, yam, and garlic hummus

Spinach, beet, yam, and garlic hummus

Next up was the Tabbouleh Salad (first pic above). OH EM GEE. Gimme that. Again. Forever. It was by far my favorite dish, if you can’t tell by my explosion of NuGrammar. That’s how you know it is Ahhhmazing. Basically, I start exclaiming gibberish. Technologically acceptable gibberish. Go order it right now!!!11!!omg ! lol! nomnomnom!

NEXT! Vegan Pide (Oh, did I mention that the vegan foods on the menu are marked? YEAH. Because Cafe Turko looooves us and wants us to know what is delicious and animal-free. Pide is basically bread with stewed eggplant and vegetables on top and I love it. I’d eat it right now if I could. Or tomorrow. Or Sunday after the flea market (that’s really what’s gonna happen).

Vegan Pide

What I tell you next is really gonna blow your mind. After lingering in the restaurant/shop for a very long time, drinking cherry lemonade and Turkish coffee, my dining team decided it was time for dessert. While they were salivating over all the baklava and Turkish Delights (that’s not just a pot thing, you know), I asked the chef if she had any vegan sweets for me, since I know most of those delicious looking pastries behind the shelf were doused in honey. She said “Yes! I have something very special for you.” Then she went into the kitchen and fixed me up some kind of sweet fig magic. JUST LOOK!


Sweet Fig Magic

I know you’re jealous now. So head on over the The Center of the Universe and support this amazing cafe, get yourself a Hand of Fatima for your charm bracelet, and ask about the rumor that they are expanding their vegan menu (no, really, we heard that is true!).

Cafe Turko
754 N. 34th Street
Seattle, WA 98103

7 thoughts on “Cafe Turko: a Vegan Oasis in Fremont

  1. We were just there this weekend after planning to go ever since we took cooking classes with Sureyya at PCC. We loved the food and atmosphere so much — your review is spot on. I’m planning to do a review soon.

  2. I adore Sureyya!! I frequently assist in her vegan cooking classes at PCC, too. I am so glad you found her and Cafe Turko. Sureyya’s cooking is amazing and she is so sweet and funny.

    • Skittles went vegan sometime around 2009 when they removed gelatin and shellac (I wrote Wrigley last week to be sure). But, it’s true that Wrigley’s parent company Mars, like most giant conglomerates, are jerks. So yes, I love skittles, but don’t like their parents. Enjoy at your own risk.

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