Vegan Food

Veggie Grill Feeds Downtowners!

Get stoked, downtown office crowd! Veggie Grill just opened a new location on 4th and Pike and it is extra delicious because it is closer to my office. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at dining in the new digs and woooooweeee! That place is nice.

4th and Pike Veggie Grill

Sweet scene in the new Veggie Grill

I took the opportunity to try the new tacos on the menu. I impulsively ordered the steak (which is weird, because I’m not that into steaky things), but they were great! The cashier mentioned that they had a mole inspired sauce and she was right. A little sweet and tangy. Yum yum yum.  Plus, some VG Rollers as an appetizer which reminded me of flautas and were  also great! Naturally, I subbed the side for the cauli-mashed potatoes and gravy because I do what I want. My dinner date subbed her side for the mac and cheese because she also does what she wants! So…. I can’t tell you about the side of tomato avocado salad that normally comes with the tacos, but I think we all know that it’s likely delicious and much more complimentary to the tacos.

Steak tacos.

Tacos. The vegan steak kind.

At the opening, I got even luckier and shook hands with the founders of Veggie Grill, Kevin Boylan and Greg Dollarhyde. They were both awesome fellas who had a lot of good stuff to say about veganism. While chatting with Greg, he talked about his mission to get omnivores in the doors of Veggie Grills everywhere to show them that vegan food is delicious, accessible and exciting. He urged us to bring our skeptical co-workers to the restaurant for lunch and use Veggie Grill to cater business events. I saw a clear passion to bring veganism to the masses while chatting with both Kevin and Greg, and that is reason enough for me to take their advice and lure my agency into buying me Veggie Grill for every professional occasion. You folks do the same, and make sure you invite me to all your “working lunches” on 4th and Pike!

VG Rollers

VG Rollers.

See you downtown around lunch time!

Veggie Grill
1427 4th Ave
Seattle, Washington
(206) 624-1332

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