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Group Workout Competition with Super Vegan Ben Greene

Hi, exercise enthusiasts, wannabe exercise enthusiasts (me) and you competitive spirits! I’m here to tell you about Super Vegan Ben Greene’s Group Workout Competition on October 20th.  Ben Greene is the author of The Vegan Athlete and head honcho at Greene Multisport.

You and a friend can compete in a series of athletic feats (all adjusted for ability to even the playing field) to win  AMAZING AMAZING prizes like cooking classes from Fire and Earth Kitchen (you may remember my earlier post about how super duper those classes are), a gift card for Healeo, running shoes from Spira Footwear and training sessions from the man himself. That, my friends, is a lot of dang great prizes. For real, though.

Vegan Athlete - New Book - Seattle Author

Here’s a description from Ben: “People can expect a killer workout! It will be 30 minutes of exercise, everything from push ups, burpees and stair climbing. It will be a total body workout, that you will need a friend to help you finish. You won’t be able to do it alone. You and your partner will decide how to attack the workout, so there will be some strategy within each team.”

After the workout, there will be snacks to refuel on and a bake sale! Bake sales are my number one motivator. Also, fun. Also, prizes.

The entry fee is $30 per team ($20 for Seattle Academy students). The party starts at 10:30am on October 20th at Miller Park Playfields (19th & Thomas in Capitol Hill).

Shoot an email to or check out the Facebook group here and register to win those prizes! Then share them with me!


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