Vegan Treats

Local Folks Whipping up Decadent Desserts for Seattle Vegans!

If you’re fancy and into sweet decadence (you know how I do), then you’ll be interested to know that local company Mademoiselle Mousse is whipping up all you need for your fancy dinner parties in their Ballard kitchen. I recently got to try all three flavors of those sweet, sultry desserts and not-a-one was a disappointment. I’m always a little weary of tofu-based puddingish things because I’ve had some bad experiences in the past (mostly of my own creation), but silken tofu can always come back for another chance.

Fancy pants.

Fancy pants.

I tasted them all at once (I shared them, okay?!) and determined after many tasting-sized bites and that l’orange was my favorite. I normally don’t go for the choco-orange combo, but this was just subtle enough to lure me in and keep me there. The texture was super silky, just like I always hoped my homemade silken tofu recipes would turn out. Even though I was just lurking behind the register at Vegan Haven, I was whisked away to a fancy place where people eat fancy desserts all day every day FOREVER.

Here is a very convenient list of where to purchase Mademoiselle Mouse for your fancy party needs (or your pajama party needs!).

The age of vegan decadence is upon us.

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