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Phở Vina: Vegan Vietnamese in Burien


Hi, my name is Trista and I’m a new Vegan Score correspondent. I’m going to be finding and liking lots of vegan stuff on the south end of town—Georgetown, Sea-Tac, White Center, Renton, and more for you. My first score is for all you noodle-loving vegans! Pho Vina, a Vietnamese spot in Burien, is the place for you. I have been going there for years, and am happy to have the chance to fill you all in on it.

It shares a parking lot with a sub sandwich chain, and I always pity the sandwich shop’s customers, because they got SO CLOSE to delicious food—but missed by about 20 feet. Pho Vina features an abundance of vegan-friendly appetizers, banh mi, pho, rice, and noodle dishes. Their peanut sauce is easily some of the best in the Seattle area.

On this trip we started, as always, with the fresh spring rolls (photo below), featuring thinly-sliced tofu, veggies, and vermicelli noodles. These come with copious amounts of peanut sauce to dip them in. Or to eat with a spoon. You know, whichever.


Next up: tofu banh mi (top photo). Thin slices of tofu with nice crispy exteriors, combined with grilled onions, fresh veggies, and plenty of cilantro? Yes, please! I may or may not have had my parents bring me a tofu banh mi in the hospital when they visited after I gave birth to my daughter. (Okay, I did. And it was GREAT.)

The Mongolian vegan beef (below) is delicious. I love it when veggies are cooked just long enough, rather than cooked for so long that they start getting soft. I don’t typically go for beef-like meat analogues, but I really like the vegan beef at Pho Vina. It’s flavorful and substantial—and not too chewy. You can ask for this dish spicy, if you like a little extra heat.

The crispy noodles (last photo) have all kinds of great texture, especially the crunchy and delicious edges. The vegan chicken, broccoli, peas and carrots are tossed in a light, savory sauce.  It was my first time ordering this item, but definitely won’t be the last.


I did not have any phở on this particular visit, but I do stop in regularly for a bowl of that deliciousness. They have a few options here, including tofu; vegan chicken; and a vegan combination, which includes tofu, vegan chicken, vegan beef, and vegan meatballs. The broth is light and achieves umami perfection, and it is packed with veggies. For more vegan phở options, check out the Vegan Pho tour of Seattle post.

Note! Some of their menu items are vegetarian, but not vegan—there are a few things that contain egg or egg noodles, but just ask to leave the egg out (this works for the curried Singapore-style noodles, which is one of my favorites) or to swap rice noodles for egg noodles.

This place is bright, comfy, and simply decorated in vibrant colors (ed. adorable turquoise tables as example). Everyone I’ve encountered here is friendly and helpful. Take-out is available, and they have a legitimately great selection of magazines to browse through while you wait (no six-year-old issues of Time here).


If you live down south, you can make this a regular stop. If you live up north, Burien is just a hop, skip, and a jump down 509 from Seattle, so check it out! Pho Vina is open from 10 AM to 9 PM Monday through Saturday, and 11 AM to 8 PM on Sunday. There is a parking lot, but it’s a little cramped, so I usually opt for street parking along the south side of the parking lot.

Pho Vina
15623 1st Ave S
Burien, WA 98148
(206) 988-1899

5 thoughts on “Phở Vina: Vegan Vietnamese in Burien

  1. Make sure to get your order taken by the Chef. Nobody else there really understands what vegan means. I’ve been there handful of times and everytime I don’t order through her I wind up with real meat on my plate

  2. Oh, no–I’m sorry that’s happened to you! I’ve been going there since 2008, and have never had a problem. I just make sure to start off with saying that I’ll be ordering from the vegetarian menu.

  3. I went there last night and had the spring rolls and the Mongolian vegan beef as recommended. It was way better than I ever expected. I do wish the portion was a little more substantial. I was left wanting more
    . This place makes being a vegetarian simple… all upside and no compromises. Thanks Trista!

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