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A Real Life Dog Named Piggy Gets a Superhero Make-Over!

So, this adorable three-legged dog is getting a comic book made about him, and although I’m a little jealous, I’m stoked to see and support art with positive super stories for kids of all ages–especially when those stories are created by real life vegan superheroes like Tod Emko and Ethan Young. Tod is a current Sea Shepard crew member-saving whales and shit. I am imagining a boat full of badass animal rights pirates.

“Piggy is a real, heroic dog from South America, and Simon is a real and very mischievous cat from the Galapagos, rescued by Darwin Animal Doctors. Their adventures are immortalized in A Piggy’s Tale. Piggy and Simon rescue people and animals in need, saving them from evildoers or even their own sorrow.” [Emphasis mine, because WHAT! Awesome.]

You can read more here about the awesome story of how Piggy and his super sidekick, Simon, were rescued from the Galapagos Islands; their lives saved and relocated to NYC to live in their forever homes (as they say in the rescue biz). As with many legit Kickstarters, there are fun prizes to be had with your donations, including a video game (ANIMAL LOVING NERDS REJOICE!). As  both a comic-enthusiast, and a buyer of presents for the youths in my life, I am excited to support projects made by vegans, and, of course, there’s the part where there are PUPPIES AND KITTIES IN CAPES! Yesssssssssssss.

Support puppies and kitties in capes. Give some $$! 

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