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Vegetable Dumplings for the Vegan Soul

SAD EDIT: Turns out, the dumplings at Ping’s are not vegan. There’s “just a little” bit of egg in there. DANG OLD. Check out the comments on this post for more info about what is still vegan-safe!


Oh my gosh, y’all. I don’t know if I’ve told you about my love for the International District, or my love for porridge, but seriously, that is the best neighborhood of all time . And, now that I know there are cheap vegan dumplings available at a moment’s notice, I think I might just move in on top of Uwajimaya and live the rest of my life in an food coma. Good riddance, old life!

Ping's Dumpling Veg Food

Far top: veg porridge. Middle left: mushroom steam bun. Middle right: hand made dumplings. Bottom left: Almost Tofu with size of spicy sesame sauce.

Anika and I had a truly delicious and inexpensive dinner at Ping’s Dumpling House the other night and my entire being was fully charged afterwards. Dumplings and porridge are my soul food. Even though I knew we’d have to carry the leftovers for the rest of the night, I made Anika let me order four things on the menu because I wanted to do thorough research before letting this secret out. In addition to the mixed vegetable dumplings, we ordered two kinds of porridge and the vegetarian steam bun. The dumplings are served in a steaming basket and with a delicious and crazy garlicy sauce. Full of vegetables, they make a perfect comfort lunch. The steam buns are a little heartier filled with tofu, mushrooms and mung bean vermicelli. They have a stronger savory flavor which is perfect with the slightly sweeter dough. More hearty still is the porridge we tried. The Tainmore porridge consists of corn meal, red bean, mung bean vermicelli, tofu,  peanut and spinach all blended together into a grainy, soupy bowl of healing. It’s bland, but in that earthy good way that your body really appreciates. The last dish we tried was the “Almost Tofu” which is made of stone ground soy beans and lots of bitter greens. The spicy sesame sauce that this dish is served with gave it that perfect sour, Chinese flavor in my favorite form: PORRIDGE FORM. Tofu porridge, folks. REVIVES THE SOUL.

hand made dumplings

hand made dumplings

The staff are so incredibly nice that I wanted to ask them to adopt me, and the atmosphere is homey and cute. There is a small market attached that adds a sense of community to the dining experience. And did I mention how totally reasonable the prices are? I wish Seattle’s vegan food scene had more of that. Note: as always, things change, especially at small places. ALWAYS ask what is in the dumplings and sauces before ordering.

So! To recap: Save yourself and eat at Ping’s Dumpling House. Amen.

Ping’s Dumpling House
508 S King St Seattle WA 98104
(206) 623-6764


4 thoughts on “Vegetable Dumplings for the Vegan Soul

  1. I’m there right now after reading this post. I tried asking if there’s no egg in the dishes you mentioned but no one speaks English here. I’ll have to trust you 🙂 we’re waiting for our order to be ready, can’t wait!

  2. I’m sitting at Ping’s now and the staff verified that the dumplings do in fact have eggs in them (“just a little” according to the woman we spoke to). However, they have been very helpful in helping us sort out what is vegan and what is not. The Almost Tofu, Tonite Porridge, Mixed Vegetable Bun, and Green Onion Flatbread are vegan as-is. Maps Tofu can be ordered without pork.

    Many restaurants simply don’t realize that “just a little” animal product is still too much. At least they are accommodating and friendly with our requests. 🙂

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