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Sea Shepherd Center Open House

What? You didn’t know that Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has it’s very own Gallery and Education Center right in our sea-friendly city? Well, this month you’ll have a chance to get know the organization and our oceans a little better with their open house event: Oceans & Mermaids.

Most readers will be familiar with Sea Shepherd from it’s wildly famous and well documented exploits on the Animal Planet series: Whale Wars. If not, I do highly recommend watching a little TV. Really! Although editing weeks of material into one hour may make this type of activism seem absurdly dramatic, the dedication of activists who put their lives and freedom on the line to save actual, living, existing, experiencing wales right NOW, is hella inspirational. See video above!

Sea Shepherd’s US HQ is based out of Friday Harbor and you’ll see a few Sea Shepherd activists roaming around Seattle once in a while. Seattle and the sea are entwined geographically, economically, and some would say, emotionally. I think the work that Sea Shepherd does for dolphins, wales, sharks, and other seafaring beasts calls to us more deeply than it might our inner-continent compatriots. We see wales first hand, right in our “back yard” – the idea that hundreds are hunted and brutally killed every year under the guise of “research” appalls, angers, and depresses us. Sea Shepherd has opened this gallery and education center down on the Seattle water front to reach a wider audience and are having an open house for us all to check it out. So let’s, and bring a friend or five.

Oceans and Mermaids Sea Shepherd Event

The gathering is said to include vegan food, drinks, surprises, and a special guests! I’m a sucker for surprises, so I’ll be going for sure. I also like fundraisers and music. Fingers crossed for no slow jazz or Irish flutes. I do have my limits. See you here:

When: November 21, 2013
Time: 7-10 pm
Where: 1427 Western Ave. Seattle WA

Follow Sea Shepherd on Twitter at @SeaShepherd_USA and like them on the big FB to get updates.

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