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Lovage the Choices Near Pike Place

Seattle vegans and veg-curious! The next time you are wondering around the Downtown and Pike Place Market corridor, you have another place to try: Lovage!

Located across the street from El Borracho (aka, vegan nacho heaven, is this relatively new vegan-friendly, healthy and convenient spot by Chef Mulu who serves up an assortment of African-inspired soups, bowls, salads, stir fries and many more fulfilling dishes made with fresh veggies.

On my first food adventure to Lovage, I relied on my lack of decision-making ability to order two dishes! Don’t judge as this was certainly the full proof method to leave satisfied with having savored the two flavors that stood out to me most – peanut curry and jerk.

The peanut curry bowl (pictured below) was de-lish! It offered the perfect balance of peanut curry flavor. One of my favorite features of Lovage is getting to customize the vegetables and fruits in each meal. The ones I chose to top off my peanut curry bowl were cucumbers, roasted red bell peppers, radishes, zucchini, avocado, plum tomatoes, garnished with fresh green onion and unsalted peanuts. I chose the perfectly cubed tofu as my protein that in true tofu form, absorbed every ounce of the sauce’s flavor. And I had my dish served on top of a generous serving of quinoa, though brown rice was a tough contender. Yum!

Peanut Curry Bowl Salad Lovage

Lovage Thai Peanut Bowl

The jerk bowl (not pictured; ate it too quick) was ex-tra-or-di-nary and worthy of every pronunciation of extraordinary! It was a bowl of exotic flavor that is all too rare to find in a convenient, healthy, vegan-friendly restaurant setting. The jerk bowl I devoured consisted of layered mangos, cilantro, black beans, onions, roasted red bell peppers, avocado and tofu. I enjoyed it with brown rice for a more fitting mix and a smother of Lovage’s authentic jerk sauce that is unlike any other in Seattle (per my experience). It truly was bursting with favor!

The sauce does offer a spicy kick so you could either add more mango and tone down the jerk sauce serving, or take a quick walk to Cinnamon Works to enjoy a monstrous sized vegan cookie (lots of gluten-free, vegan options as well for those of us with a gluten allergy) with some non-dairy milk! Or order the Lovage peanut curry bowl!

And if you are not a fan of tofu or have a soy allergy, no problem as every dish is custom ordered. For instance, you could easily swap for more black beans and greens to enjoy a filling dish balanced with proteins, fats and carbs.

In sum, this is great news for all us vegans and veg-curious who work and/or play in downtown Seattle, as it joins a cast of other vegan-friendly restaurants, cafes and bakeries, including The Crumpet Shop (Read: Get fancy: Vegan Crumpets by Vegan Score correspondent Juawana), Bayou on First (Read: Big Fun on the Bayou (but really in Pike Market) by Anika), Alabi Room with its fancy and savory Vegan Pie, and Pike Place Chowder’s vegan chowder.
1526 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
Hours: Mon-Sat 11-4 pm

Find yourself at Lovage enjoying one of their flavor filled dishes? Share your experience with Vegan Score on Twitter @veganscore, Instagram @veganscore or Facebook, and tag your pictures #VeganSeattle.

2 thoughts on “Lovage the Choices Near Pike Place

  1. Tried the jerk bowl and I’ve never been more disappointing at a dish recommended by a vegan/vegetarian food blog. Maybe it’s a change of seasonal ingredients, but my bowl had no avocado, and mostly red cabbage which goes badly with the sauce. The jerk sauce itself taste of just chilli and only adds bitterness to most of the ingredients. Only good thing about it is the sweet potato and plantain chunks but there was only one piece of each.

    So friends, if you have to try this place out, try the peanut bowl instead. Hope you aren’t as disappointed at I am.

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