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Grapes for Apes – Chimp Sanctuary NW Event

Oh yeah. Well I know how much you vegans love your wine. What better way to enjoy local, vegan wine than drinking while giving your money to support the incredible animals and work being done at the Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW? None. No better way than Grapes for Apes. Watch this video to understand how special this place truly is.



So here this, NW Cellars, a 100% vegan winery, is hosting this fundraiser and the totally awesome, afore mentioned Fire & Earth Kitchen is doing the vegan catering. $15 gets you in the door in March 1, 2014 and all of that cash goes to the chimps. Then if you love the wine, there will be a very special limited edition Jody wine label (love) and 40% of the profits from those wine sales will also go to the chimps. Get a case and keep some for yourself, give some as gifts, and bring some to people’s houses when you are invited over. It is just polite. It is like you are donating, which is rad, but then you get delicious wine as a thank you from the universe. Then you pass it forward. That is how I look at it anyhow.

Jody Chimp Wine Label

For the chimps and for the wine, buy your $15 ticket here. I’ll see you there!

Grapes for Apes
Saturday March 1, 2014
1 pm – 4 pm
NW Cellars
11909 124th Avenue NE, Kirkland, WA 98034 [Map]

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